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Slave Lake. Up until May 16th it was a name on a map for most people. Now its International news for the worst of reasons. On May 15th at 2PM residents were advised that fires in the area were no threat to the town. In fact, people from the surrounding area were being evacuated to Slave Lake. Everything changed by 9:30PM. An order was given to evacuate the town. Within those seven and one half hours life changed for thousands of people. For many, their worst fear descended upon them thicker than the gathering smoke from the fires. Just as quickly, within seven and one half hours, aid began pouring in to meet needs of the people of Slave Lake. Firemen raced from Edmonton and St Albert and nearby areas to fight the blaze. Emergency shelters were set up. The Red Cross showed up.  Water and food were supplied. Bedding, cots, cloth diapers, clothing, blankets, and more began to pour in. Facebook sites went from zero to thousands of caring people wanting to connect and help.  Reception areas throughout Alberta were quickly overflowing with donations. Trucks delivering help were turned back from Athabasca and area because there was no room left to store all the donations.  What a difference seven and one half hours can make.  For current updates go to

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