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Easter weekend is a perfect time to experience “the true grace of God.”
North Pointe’s church family has been reading, studying, memorizing and being challenged by the Holy Spirit through the New Testament book, 1st Peter.
It can feel like a “deep” book to get into. Every paragraph is saturated with layers of theological terms and Old Testament throwbacks.
However, its also an inspiring, grace-filled book when you take it at face value. It was written to people whose worlds were being rocked because of their commitment to Jesus of Nazareth. They were persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and executed just for being Christians. Peter encourages his readers to choose the “resurrection road.” To follow the example of Jesus when he faced suffering and crucifixtion and then was raised from the dead. He got the last word and the word was “victorious.”  Peter’s heartfelt words are written to convey “the true grace of God” that comes through Jesus. Your life circumstance may not be the same as Peter’s initial readers, but Jesus will act with the same grace for you as he did for them.  Their trust brought ultimate triumph. That can be your experience, too.
Our small group participants commented,
“This study has been a wonderful reminder that this book is a recipe for living the way God intends for us.”
“1st Peter is now one of my favourite books. I see many attitudes that I want to change.”
“Being a Christian is not always easy, but it is a high calling.”
“Learning as a group was so positive.”
“This was my first Bible study and I was pleasantly surprised by how well I understood it and how much I learned.”

Leave your comment about your experience in reading or studying or memorizing 1 Peter.

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