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Reaching Out made a Difference for Me!

Reflecting back on my past I sometimes wonder what would’ve become of my life if someone hadn’t reached out to me and shared Christ. I clearly wouldn’t have been a Music Pastor and my value system at the time would’ve caused me to make decisions that I wouldn’t choose today. Would I have gone to post secondary school? Would I have been working at a job I despised? Would I be married and have children? Would I have been a mess because of poor choices. Would I have blamed circumstance and problems in my life on others and been paralyzed in life by feeling sorry for myself. Would I have been aimless? Would I have been wondering about the meaning of life or what happens when I die??
I believe that I would have made bad choices, blamed problems on everything but myself, been aimless, ignored questions of the meaning of life, scoffed at an afterlife but secretly scared by it.
I believe that because I was that until someone had the courage to share the love of Christ with me. There wasn’t any divine direction, or supernatural occurance that caused my friend to share Christ with me. There was a care in his heart for me. A friendship that developed that caused him to share the most important aspect of his life with me.
Imagine if he didn’t share Christ with me. Imagine if he didn’t think I would do anything with what he shared with me. Maybe he thought I might say no when he invited me to his youth group for the first time. What if he thought he didn’t have the time to become my friend. I owe my life today to a friend that took the time to reach out and share the love of Christ to me. His name is Iain Macfarlane and I bless him today.
Because someone reached out to me “ I have a hope, I have a future, I have a destiny, that is yet awaiting me, My life’s not over, a new beginnings just begun, I Have A Hope” – Tommy Walker

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