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What is God saying to us?

The question implies a belief that God not only knows us, but communicates direction to us.  That is profound, but not audacious.

We believe God is saying to us, “REACH.”


The words of Acts 17:27 paint a picture of a God who orchestrates circumstances and context to motivate you to seek him and “REACH out for Him” and find Him.

In so doing He communicates that He is not some distant, disinterested, deity, but that He is within REACH.

God is closer to you than you can imagine.

We chose this image to represent our theme because it speaks of REACHING. Of moving from what is known and experienced into a better and brighter future, one that is brilliant with the goodness of God.  It is moving up an incline to a higher plane.

To REACH is a call to action, a challenge to achieve our potential and a commission to make a difference.

To REACH is that little bit extra that makes all the difference. It doesn’t take much extra to “REACH.” At sea level, water at 99C is merely hot. But increase the temperature by one degree to 100C and the water will boil.  Boiling water makes steam which in turn generates power available for use. One extra degree, but all the difference in the world.

Close To God

You are closer to God than you can imagine. You are closer to your dreams and His provision than you understand.


We’ll be sharing ways you can REACH in faith to experience God.

“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”  Brian Tracy

Hope grows here.  We share stories that inspire people, build faith, and offer lasting purpose.

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