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When you support North Pointe you have a hand in changing the world.  You help keep boys and girls from being homeless, you educate and give opportunity where none would exist, you train indigenous pastors to minister in areas where only they can go, you help heal a generation torn apart by genocide, and you inspire believers with your faith and generosity.  Thank you!  To learn more about one of the following missionary families, visit our “Missions” page.
Elmer and Sherry Komant – Kigali, Rwanda – pastors, church planting, sports academy, training centre
Brian and Val Rutten – Addis Abba, Ethiopia – church planting, training pastor
The Village of Hope – Harare, Zimbabwe – caring for orphans of AIDS/HIV, Elementary and Secondary School (over 400 students), Medical clinic, feeding program
Peter and Bonnie Kozak – Mexico – orphanage, prison ministry, special needs ministry (our youth team is going there this summer)
Eastern Europe Pastors – we support the salaries of 2 pastors in Slovakia
Brianna Vaxvick – Haiti – 3 Cords Ministry – supporting disabled women through a cottage industry developed by Brianna

Birch Bay Ranch – summer camps for children and teens, year round retreat centre

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