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My sister is a creator. The seeds she planted in me were ones of kindness. She’s a master gardener and horticulturalist for the University of Alberta Botanic Garden and teaches for the University of Alberta. But really, she’s a creator.

Out of A Seed

(A guest post from Adena Lowry. See more at her sister’s creativity at Botanic Garden.)

She creates from seeds.

Sowing seeds and nurturing them while they grow and develop, she patiently prunes, faithfully feeds, and arduously attends.

From here, she creates.  With the seeds germinated from birth, she creates art, food, and beautiful serene places of peace.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson


Although she attended Ontario College of Art in Toronto, art picked her first. She’s been an artist since birth.

As long as I can remember she’s breathed art her entire life. She can’t help herself. It’s part of her DNA.

After she sprouts beautiful flowers, interesting plants, and unique vegetation, she begins to draw, etch, and turn them into stained glass, poly lithographs, and watercolors.

Several of her labors of love grace my home, reminders that each work started from a seed.


Any accomplished chef knows that the most flavorful food comes from the freshest ingredients. The freshest food comes from growing it from seeds in your own backyard.

Often she will have friends and family over for supper where the whole meal was made from everything she grew in her own garden. Not only is the taste sublime, but the visual presentation is exquisite.

I’ve been too afraid to touch the table in fear of ruining the artwork on the plates.


She has created a garden of the five senses appealing to touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell.

Presently, she is planning on growing plants and trees that are on the endangered species list for Alberta and hoping to sell them through the Botanic Garden.

Her daughter is growing mushrooms in her backyard, creating a space for spores. She grew grapes on her balcony. All these places create spaces of accord and unity with God, places of peace and belonging.

The Pleasures Of Creation

As a musician who takes notes and places them on a staff to create magnificent music, my sister  takes seeds, places them in the ground and creates prolific flora.

Her love of creating reminds me of God and His love for all He has created. Since we were made in God’s image, there must be something about creating that brings us to Him, to His heart.

The pleasures of creating must please the Creator.

Gardening is an act of worship.

Bloom where you’re planted.

Do you love planting seeds? Please leave a comment for Adena and her sister below. Thank you.

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  • Justine Jenkins says:

    Dear Adena and Bob,

    Thank you for your kindness to me. It is such a beautiful world and it does deserve our best love.


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