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peyton manning leadership

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was chosen by his National Football League (NFL) peers to receive one of the sport’s most meaningful honors, The Bart Starr Award, given annually to a player who exemplifies character and leadership on and off the field.

Since the day he was selected as the No. 1 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, Manning has demonstrated admirable resolve to invest in every community he and his wife, Ashley, have lived in.

The PeyBack Foundation has provided more than $10 million of impact to at risk youth in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana and Tennessee through its grants and programs since its inception in 1999.peyton manning bart starr


1. You better be prepared to be game changers or you will be left in the dust.

2. Anyone who waits for someone else to initiate change automatically becomes a follower.

3. Fierce conversations are intense…unbridled. Every leader needs to master the intense conversations,

4. Decision-making is the currency to becoming a good leader.

5. How you deal with ambiguity determines how you do everything else. I faced monumental decisions long before I was ready.

6. Very few fans get to experience the tunnel before a game. The fans are in the sunlight just beyond. When you’re in the tunnel it is the last time your emotions can affect us. On the field, you have to tune out distractions.

7. My goal is to be a game changer.

8. The quarterback is expected to lead a team of fearless, talented multi-millionaires.

9. Organizations have become too comfortable. Lazy. Unimaginative. Old ideas. Learn to thrive on being uncomfortable.

10. At the beginning of practice I start practice by throwing “odd” throws.

11. Devote yourself to intense preparations.leadercast 2015 peyton manning

12. As competitors we are all looking for an edge to maximize our outcomes.

13. Invest in a coach. It doesn’t matter how seasoned any of us are. We all need a coach. As soon as someone stops learning to be coached, they’re in big trouble.

14. As a leader, delivering help trumps offering hope any day of the week.

15. Find a way to instill trust in others.

16. Leaders cannot afford to allow changes to drag them down. They need to be stimulated by the changes.

17. Bravely adjust to realities.

18. Become a master observer.

19. Look at things no one else is willing to look at.

20. Focus on things that are normally taken for granted. We learn when we observe.

21. All leaders need to set personal goals to motivate themselves but affect team success. Otherwise, they are empty accolades.

22. No one can lead without people to follow. Understand the sustained power and influence which flow from your relationships with people.

23. You’re going to receive a lot of criticism, most of it unsolicited.

24. You can’t be afraid to work on your weaknesses. You get better or you get worse everyday. You don’t stay the same.

25. You can’t lead until you’ve earned the respect of the people you’re leading.

26. I got up from every hit.

27. You earn respect by working, not by talking.

28. I always appreciate my dad being at my games.

29. We want loyalty in our coaches and leaders.

30. It’s all about finishing. At halftime, you’ve got to be careful. Don’t get comfortable

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