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More than six million Ukrainians have fled the major cities and towns to villages, now considered safe havens, since they are rarely, if ever, targets of Russian missiles. Pastor Jeanna is caring for the souls of many displaced people.


And in these villages, churches are becoming beacons of light for not just the current residents but also thousands of refugees and displaced Ukrainians overwhelming their tiny towns.

Churches are converted into refugee centres where people live and worship.

The people of Ukraine have been facing unspeakable suffering since the start of the war. And yet in the midst of this, God is setting people free and building His church throughout Ukraine.

Twelve years ago, a team of pastors planted a church in a village, but two years later it closed. People were not responding to the gospel message.


Then last spring, two families approached one of our pastors: “Ten years ago you preached the gospel to us, but no one in the village was ready to respond. Today they are ready.”

Jeanna and Sasha

So last summer, the church was re-planted in an old village house. Led by by Pastors Jeanna and Sasha, it has room for 40 people maximum but is already packed with 50 adults, plus children, every Sunday!

And this story gets even better! Pastor Jeanna shared how she has experienced the power of the Spirit in her own life:

I was an alcoholic for 10 years and drank all the time. I literally couldn’t stop. Things went from bad to worse when I was diagnosed with epilepsy for life. Yet in 2004, God saved my life, completely freeing me from alcohol addiction and healing me from epilepsy! Today, God is using my husband and me to lead a thriving church plant to shine the light of Jesus into the darkness!

Pastors Jeanna and Sasha, along with their passionate church members, are living out Matthew 5:16 where Jesus instructs us, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (NIV).

People are being miraculously healed and set free all across Ukraine.

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Bob Jones

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  • Adena Lowry says:

    Welcome home Pastor Bob. So glad you’re safe. Will be looking forward to hearing all about how God is moving throughout the Ukraine .

  • Bob Jones says:

    Thank you, Adena. During the trip I never felt anxious. Not even a little. Sirens, rockets, artillery fire. Ukrainians take everything in stride. Calm. And people praying allowed us to function without reservation.

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