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OUR STORIES WOMEN OF WORTHThe following are stories from the lives of women at North Pointe.

Daughters…sisters…moms…wives…grammas…their struggles and their strength.

Real, sometimes raw, authentic and inspiring.

They are shared with the hope that they will propel you into a closer walk with the Lord.

Laurie’s Story: Freedom From AddictionLAURIE'S STORY
Laurie understands what it is to descend into addiction and hopelessness. She used to live there. She also knows what’s it like to find freedom and wholeness. Laurie is a freedom fighter now – sharing her story to help others find freedom. Read more here…

Rena’s StorySlide1
Rena ended up in prison because of a crime committed against her. Her story earned her a place on the team of “The Sycamore Tree Project.” The STP is a program that is run under the direction of Prison Fellowship. It involves victims of crime interacting with perpetrators of crime in order to bring about restorative justice. Read the rest of her story here…

Kristen Fersovitch’s Story: Faith, Love and JoySlide1
Music was her life. Kristen loved listening to worship music and making music. Singing with her parents, Dave and Kathy and her sister, Kennedy was her sweet spot. The faith, love and joy of Jesus was a part of the fabric of her life but never more appreciated than when she was faced with cancer. Here are three lessons I learned from her…

Lorie Lorrence’s Story: Never Failing HopeSlide1
Lorie faced a life long battle with cystic fibrosis, insulin dependent diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, hypertrophic osteoarthropothy. She endured 16-17 surgeries including thoracic surgery on her lung after it collapsed. She developed an infectious optimism and hope when she became a Christian. Here’s why…

Rachel Fallah’s Story: Thankful For a New BeginningSlide1
The war in our home country had taken everything from us – our family, our home, our possessions. Our nation of Sierra Leone was devastated by a ten year civil war. I can still visualize the flames coming from my house on that fateful morning of January 6th. I stood helplessly watching all that I had acquired over the years go up in flames in just one day. Now I’ve been in Canada for twelve years and I am SO grateful…

Adena’s Story: Taking My Best ShotSlide1
My story is a God-sized dream. I read the book, “Take Your Best Shot,” by Austin Gutwein. It’s the story of a 9 year old boy who started a fundraiser to build a school in Africa. As I read, I thought, “I could do that; I could do a charity run.” And so began “Run Burundi” – a fun run that has helped raise money to build a school, develop clean water systems and…

Brittney’s Story: Leukemia, Love and FaithSlide1
Brittney Tancowny’s life changed the day she was told she had leukemia. The very sound was like a death knell. Newly married…an aspiring career…dreams of a family. What happened to my “happily ever after?” Brittney says, “My story involves leukemia but its really about how God has been doing his work in my life and my family and friends’ lives…


Hannah Kaup’s Story: You Can’t Out Give GodSlide1
We chose to sponsor children  because God has blessed us financially. We wanted to make an intentional effort to bless others with what we’ve been given. Deuteronomy 16:17 says, ‘Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.’ We discovered that you truly cannot out give God…

Evie Kozak’s Story: Our Happily Ever AfterSlide1
What endears the Kozaks most to those who know them best is that the adversity around them had not embittered the attitudes within them. Their lives were lived close enough to share in each other’s milestones, but miles apart in day-to-day experience. That is until Saturday May 25, 2013. On that day, these two octogenarians came together to exchange vows that would unite them in marriage…

Jan Kelly’s Story: A Kidney, A Marriage and a Second ChanceSlide1
His 20-year marriage had just ended. Rick didn’t expect to see anything positive from the ordeal. Her 25-year marriage also ended in divorce. Jan’s expectations of the future were few in number and a “happily-ever-after” wasn’t one of them. Jan jokes that the end of her marriage was her fault. “I couldn’t get along with my husband’s girlfriend – even though she was my best friend!” 2nd chances are a gift from God. 

APPLICATION: Which stories most inspired you? What’s your story? Please leave a comment below.

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