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If you’re looking for a sign from God, this is it.

Thousands of people have seen North Pointe’s sign over the past ten years. (Our original sign came to the end of its working life and was replaced by Production World in October 2016.)

First Impressions

Hundreds of people have felt welcomed by the “come as you are” invitation on 167 Ave. Over 16 percent of our guests say they decided to be check us out because of the sign.

Our sign is the first chance we get to tell people who we are, what we value, what we do and if we have a sense of humor.

That’s not nearly everything people need to know about us but its a good start.

Best Or Worst Of Church Signs

If you’ve ever driven by a church with a clever saying on its marquee, you know how important a sign can be.

  • “Call 911: This Church is On Fire!”
  • “Exercise Daily: Walk with the Lord.”
  • “Exposure to the Son May Prevent Burning.”

All of these signs say different things about their church:

  • “We’re charismatic.”
  • “We’re devoted.”
  • “We believe in hell.”

Or “We like cheesy slogans!”

One thing North Pointe promises – no cheesy slogans.2016-10-20 12.23.02

Sayings You May Soon See On North Pointe’s Sign

“Congrats Oilers On 6th Stanley Cup Win!”

“Serving Our 100,000th Guest”

“Happy 60th B-Day, Pastor Sean!”

“Welcome Kevin and Julia Garratt”

7 Of My Favorite Church Signs

1. “God shows no favoritism but our sign guy does – go Cubs!” (I’m with the sign guy.)sign11

2. “Whoever is praying for snow please stop.” (Looks like Edmonton isn’t the only place with these kind of prayer problems.)

sign 7

3.If history repeats itself, I’m so getting a Dinosaur.” (So will I.)sign9

4. “If you were waiting for a sign this is it.” (Classic)sign5

5. “When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.” (Amen)sign8

6. Do you know what hell is? Come hear our preacher.” (Sign guys gotta have a sense of humor – or reality. Does Eric know?)sign3

7. “A grudge is a heavy thing to carry.” (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.)sign2

APPLICATION: Do you have a great saying we could share on our sign? Please leave a comment below.

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  • Carole Schlachta says:

    Face powder may get a man baking powder gets him
    If you are the one who keeps praying for snow
    Need a lifeguard ? Ours walks on water
    God answers knee mail
    Don’t be so open minded. Your brains fall out

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