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On August 4, 2014, Chinese police abducted Kevin and Julia Garratt and held them for 775 days.

Kevin and Julia Garratt

Kevin and Julia Garratt’s 30 years of community development work in China ended in 2014 with abduction and false imprisonment. Pawns in a Canada/China geopolitical dispute, the 775-day ordeal as hostages & Chinese prison is recounted their captivating story of resilience and hope called Two Tears on the Window.

Kevin and Julia are living miracles of hope. (Garratts Recount Dark Odyssey Without Bitterness)

​The Garratts were interviewed about the two Michaels, Canadians imprisoned in China on false charges. Their story has helped the families of the Michaels and informed the pubic of what their experience is like

Where are the Garratts now?

They are back in SE Asia.

The Garratts and their Nation to Nation team now focus on vulnerable conflict-distressed communities in Myanmar. Offering a powerful Christian hope message along with vocational training & replicable, sustainable ‘seed to market’ solutions with coffee, soy, and clean water systems, they partner with nationals to make a lasting difference.


​The Myanmar people are suffering in horrible ways as the crisis continues to escalate. Inflation is up 35% in a month, banks are closed. There is violence and conflict on the streets, and the internet and cell phone data is inaccessible. The poor are crying out for food and water as many find their access cut off. Some can’t even return to the IDP (internally displaced people) camps because of blocked roads.

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  • Myrna Grsy says:

    We have read Two Tears On The Pillow and it was very sad to read that book about how they were treated in China. We are so glad they got home along with the two Michaels. I have prayed for them many times especially when they were mentioned on the news. God never leaves us or forsakes us. PTL

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