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Dads don’t need to be super in order to raise great kids. No cape required for the role.

Dads do need to be a man of steel when it comes to their faith, unconditional love and integrity.


Daryl Tancowny was a down linemen when he played football. He coached with me in the St Albert Minor Football League. The kids looked up to him in more ways than one.

He’s 6′ 4″ and a solid 280lbs. They called Daryl, “Big D.”

To watch him as a dad is incredible – he is a gentle giant.Daryl

Daryl is the grateful father of two sons – future football players themselves.

Hugging A Miracle

Daryl says, “Becoming a father is proof that miracles happen. The joy experienced when I held them the first time cannot be put into words. The challenges of being a dad is a daily learning process.

When my boys smile at me it melts my heart! God has blessed us beyond measure with our sons!

My faith is strengthened knowing that being a father is a huge responsibility to teach my sons the sacrifice Christ made for us.

To all dads – always hug your miracles!”


Peter graduated from McGill University with a degree in Engineering. He worked on what is called the “8th wonder of the world” – the underground power generation system at Niagara Falls.

Years after I first met him as  teenager in a Dorval, Quebec youth group, he was pleased to take me underground to what felt like the centre of the earth and the tip of a drilling mechanism.

Peter, his wife, Manuella and their three children hosted us when we ran a marathon together in Niagara Falls on October 28, 2007. It was rewarding to see the kind of man and father Peter had become.IMGP2309

Peter says, “Fast & Furious! No time for sitting around. A free moment is for the agenda while on vacation. What’s next to be done?

Dad’s Duties

I don’t mean the 3-day pile of dishes scattered over the table, counter top, and the make shift serving table, which is really the dishwasher still in the box, ready for installation, once the plumbing is redone, and electrical is put in.

Nor the pile of unfolded clothes on the couch, which served as comfortable pillows while watching “The Blind Side” with the family last night after 10 pm, following a full day of fun in the sun at the family picnic reunion.

What kind of father starts a family movie after 10 pm, when revival prayer is at 8 am the next morning, not to mention the father’s day breakfast preparation at the same time?

Am I teaching or on worship team after? Phew, neither, I can enter into worship. Is that selfish?

It Is Well

Just got to get my daughter to gymnastics before noon.

Thank God that the enthusiastic football coach is picking my son up at 11:15am from the church. One day he will come to church to worship God with enthusiasm.

Another double critical path tomorrow night…preparation for the Congregational meeting or attending my daughter’s soccer match?

Why is life so fast and furious??

How old hymns come back in the quiet moments while showering…”It is well, it is well with my soul!!”

Thank you God for your grace on my life and my family!


I’ve known Chris Glubish for twenty seven years.

At one time – next to his family – my sons and I were his biggest fans when he played defense for the St Albert Saints in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

We cheered Chris through every home game and all the way to the Provincial championships at Akinsdale arena.

Chris is married to Cindy and has two dyed-in-the-wool hockey fans and potential athletes of his own.chris glubish

A Dad’s Sacrifices

Chris says, “Being a dad has opened my eyes to the sacrifices my own father made to raise me.

As a kid you are oblivious to the realities of the world going on around you. But as I start to invest time in raising my kids, and I face decisions about balancing my own career, my hobbies and my ambitions with the well being of my boys I realize how my dad was always there for me.

Almost daily my boys remind me of my own dad and things he did 25 years ago for me which I inevitably didn’t thank him for, or even notice at the time.

I want my boys to look back one day and think the same of me.”

APPLICATION: Are you a dad? Please leave a comment below.

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