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Jen Gray has found her “sweet spot” much to the delight of food lovers‘ “sweet tooths.” Jen, the Events Co-ordinator at North Pointe, is using her SHAPE to create one-of-a-kind, edible architecture. She was recently featured in the St Albert Gazette.
Her love of creating ultimately helps her friends and clients celebrate important occasions in their lives.
Jen decorated her first sheet cake in Grade 6. In Grade 9 she was raising money for a field-trip to Vancouver.  She baked two character cakes and put them in the teachers’ staff room with business cards. The cakes were about $12 and she raised about $400, enough to pay for the trip.
By the time she was 15, she challenged herself by entering a decorated cookie contest for the Festival of Trees, fashioning a three-dimensional scene with Santa coming down a chimney. She beat the professionals.
And in the 2010 Festival of Cakes, she entered a SpongeBob Christmas and a Hogwarts castle complete with working lights in the professional cake category. She won gold for SpongeBob and a bronze for Hogwarts.

Jen is the chef behind North Pointe’s monthly lunches for seniors. She puts together a variety of nutritious and delicious meals for our Primetimers. Jen also serves the staff at North Pointe with breakfasts and the occasional luncheon. Everything she makes is our FAVOURITE.
Jen truly is an example of a believer who uses how God SHAPEd her to deliver happiness.  To see more of her work go to

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