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What does “living by faith,” mean to you?

Standing on the edge of the CN tower held only by a harness? Flipping a light switch and knowing the light will turn on?
Turning the key in the ignition and knowing the vehicle will start?
Depositing money in the bank and knowing you can get it back when you want it.
Jumping out of an airplane at 3,000 feet relying solely on a parachute packed by a complete stranger.
Standing at the altar and saying “I do” to a lifetime commitment with a partner who is only slightly less imperfect than you are.
Depending on the function of a muscle that must fire 9 billion times in the duration of a 74 year life span and do it perfectly 99.9% of the time.
Going to sleep each night assured that though you will be completely vulnerable and unprotected that no harm will come to you.
Each of the preceding examples has to do with the “trustworthiness” of the object of faith. The Hebrew word translated as ‘faith’ would be more accurately translated as ‘trust’.
Elton Trueblood said, “Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.”

How do you develop enduring faith? Develop your understanding the nature of God The Lord is trustworthy. As I grow older, experience more, read more, and learn more, my understanding of God has grown. To having an enduring faith is to know the trustworthy character of God.

Regardless of what situations you may be confronted with, you can rest in knowing that the Lord knows all things. He will give strength in hard times, peace in troubling times, provision in lean times, and protection all the time. He will give you mercy and grace to help, in spite of your greatest needs. Every moment of every day we are centering our lives in the faith that the Lord is present all around us working in us to accomplish His purpose through us and with us.


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