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I’ve developed it too.
Even if you don’t like basketball you’ve gotta love the story of Jeremy Lin. Graduate of Harvard…wanting to play in the NBA…cut twice in his young career by two different NBA teams…given a third chance by the NY Knicks in Dec. 2011…sat on the bench and played minimal minutes…until…February 4, 2012 when he was given a chance to start by the desperate coach of a losing team and scored 25 points in a win…and followed that with a 6-game win streak where he scored more points than any rookie in NBA history…which garnered international attention…and spread “Linsanity.” The Knicks then signed him to a 6-figure deal, making him the first American player of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA.
Sales of his jersey #17 alone raised online sales by 3,000% in a month. Nike and Adidas introduced Lin apparel. “Linsanity” actually has become a word in the English dictionary already.

So what does this do to a young man’s psyche?  I love Lin’s attitude – “…everyday, when I wake up and go to practice, I remind myself to be grateful that I have been so blessed.  I could try to take credit for whatever success I’ve had, but honestly I see my basketball career as a miracle.  That puts things into perspective for me.”  Linsanity, like Tebowmania, has caught the attention of the world.  Both Lin and Tebow have succeeded at speaking about their faith in Jesus Christ without sounding self-righteous.  More power to them.

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