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LEADING BRAVELYAn essential behavior for any leader is the act of bravery.

Bravery is not a moniker that can be bought… it cannot be self-appointed. Bravery is not attributed to everyone, but is reserved for those whose innovation in their industry cause them to stand out from the crowd, whose unyielding effort and error push their organizations into new territories, and whose boldness compels them to stand up for those less fortunate. These are The Brave Ones.

The Brave Ones have existed throughout history. Some are unforgettable icons, others names will never be remembered. They exist across all industries, societies, and at every level of leadership.

Leadercast 2015 stanley quote14 QUOTES FROM ANDY STANLEY

1. Myth – Bold leadership is reserved for bold people.

2. Myth – Bold leadership is reserved for fearless people. All the fearless people are dead.

3. Myth – Bold leadership requires a specific gift or talent. Your giftedness may get in the way of your potential.

4. Myth – Bold leadership is reserved for the ultra-smart or ultra-gifted. Sometimes the super-smart people are so smart they talk themselves out of good ideas because they know the 25 reasons it won’t work.

5. People don’t start off with resources. They start off with an idea and then found the resources.

6. The best picture of bold leadership is a middle school girl in pursuit of an iPhone – Clarity, Focus, Stubborn, Resourceful

7. Bold leadership is clarity around an unreasonable commitment to what should be.

8. Bold leaders refuse to be cowed by how.

9. You can “How” a great idea to death. You can “How” a great idea right out the door.

10. When someone in your organization has an idea you say, “Wow!” Not “How?” If they make it they will pay for your retirement.

11. Nobody who’s ever accomplished anything of significance first asked, “How are we going to pay for it?

12. There is a problem in your field that needs to be solved and whoever solves it first will own that space for awhile.

13. What would I like people to line up and thank me for when my career is over?

14. Your schedule oftentimes undermines your ability to reach your potential. Do not let your calendar or schedule conspire against you.

8 QUOTES FROM CMDR RORKE DENVERleadercast 2015 denver

1. The counterpoint to bravery is fear. Fear and bravery are dependent on each other. You can’t have one without the other.

2. The response to fear is to face it. It is to immerse yourself in that which you fear. It is the inoculation of fear. That’s where you find bravery.

3. Limit your field of view and you’ll see more.

4. Choose your ruck (backpack) wisely. No matter what size ruck you pick, you will fill it.

5. We have set everything up in our lives to avoid pain. And it’s a mistake.

6. Physical pain has the ability to fix the physical and transform the spiritual.

7. Lean into the pain. Recognize pain is a growth opportunity.

8. My buddies advanced on fear and found bravery most people will never know.


1. When I was shot in the head by the Taliban weakness, fear and hopelessness died – strength, courage and power was born.

2. I was living a happy life but our home went from a place of tourism to become a place of terrorism.

3. My father was speaking up for education and believed in women rights. My future was right there in that school.

4. If you don’t speak out you have to live in that situation of terrorism.

5. This war is for books and pens.

6. Our duty as human beings is to say what is right and what is just.

7. If you want change and you want all children to go to school, it will not come from the sky. It is our duty to say, “How can we help?”

8. I had fear in my heart every night when I heard the fighting and we would wake up every morning and find two or three bodies slaughtered.

9. There was fear but I never let that fear overcome my courage.

10. With everyday this day comes hope.

11. I always believe in a happy ending. This fight is going to have a happy ending.

12. I have been encouraged by my father to speak and he has given me this freedom. It is important to speak out for my rights or I will have to live in this situation forever.

13. I spoke out for what is right and what is just. And if that makes you one of the brave ones, then I’m proud to be one of the brave ones.

14. When we go through tragic events, some people get really scared and never speak but others get courage and are not afraid to speak about anything.

15. It is very important as we think of this world as a home and of this world as our home. And everyone is our brothers and sisters.

16. Stand up and speak out for education and your rights.

APPLICATION: Which one is your favourite quote?

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