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If memory serves Marlin Hum well, the year was 1984. Marlin and his wife Laura, accepted the invitation of Pastor Bob Jones, to become leaders in a growing youth ministry.

Marlin Hum has been an IT project leader for many years. He served in youth ministry, as a board member, and facilitator of numerous Bible study and discussion groups. He is a proud dad of four young adult children. His passions include photography and seeing God at work in everyday life.” He and his wife Laura excel at capturing beauty through a camera lens.

Life With Leaders

We were with the group at Lakeshore Evangelical Church, in Dorval, Quebec for four years. We moved on in 1989 to have our own youth ministry (first child). The four plus years afforded us the opportunity to do life with other leaders and with teens. At some time during those years, Pastor Bob appropriately named the ministry “The Life Centre,” reflecting the life within the group, the work of God, and service to others.

Pastor Bob believed in developing leaders, and he trusted God and others to do the work that God had uniquely called each person to do. People were heard, prayed for, and supported; we grew in God together and individually.

It was great to see the youth develop their talents (music, arts, organizational, relational, etc.), serve others, trust God, and now as adults, continue their walk with God.


We had weekly Friday night youth services, fall and winter retreats at the church chalet, annual conventions in Kingston, and a highlight was a 3-week short term mission trip to Thailand in the summer of 1986.

There were gatherings in people’s homes, car washes, and outreaches as well.

Answered Prayer

One memorable moment was swerving off an icy road with my wife along with three teenage girls in the back seat of our Toyota Corolla. We got a flat tire in the process. I lost my wedding band as we tried unsuccessfully to push the car out of the ditch. There we were, stuck on a dirt road, in the dark, and late for the youth retreat. I recall one of the girls asking, “What will we do?” to which I said, “We’re going to pray”.

After praying I went outside to reassess the situation. In the distance a car came down the dirt road. In it were two young men who stopped and pushed us out. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such a quick answer to prayer.

I’ve been fortunate to see God’s quick answer to many prayers over the years and I pray that the others with me have been and continue to be encouraged by God’s faithfulness and care.

No Coincidences

As our children grew older, we got involved in various forms of youth ministry (nursery, teaching Sunday School, meetings in our home, etc.). Currently my wife teaches a youth Bible class in a Chinese home church.

Pastor Bob’s leadership style was exemplary to me and impacted how I relate to others, as I look to discover their God-given talent, develop it, and trust God for the results.

I consider myself fortunate to have been involved in the Life Center but also believe that God, in His sovereignty and love for all people, is arranging circumstances for people to know themselves and to know Him.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Such a privilege to do life with Marlin and Laura. We worked together and saw God strengthen the lives of teens and young adults. Best group ever ❤️

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