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Rebekah came into this world as a fragile 2lb 11oz baby girl, born as the fourth child into a family already challenged by financial pressures and a paradox of love & violence. Her mother’s pregnancy, distraught by a fall and multiple hospitalizations, resulted in Rebekah’s premature birth. The emergency C-section delivered a tiny, fragile 2lb 11oz baby girl with her own set of complications. Each day that she survived was a victory, but also brought more issues to be addressed. By the time Rebekah was 18 months old, she had the diagnosis of “spastic-quadriplegic cerebral palsy,” and was now the child of a single mother. During the next 2 years, it became apparent that a motorized wheelchair would be a vital part of this happy toddler’s life.

Rebekah joins Nick Vujicic of “Life Without Limbs” in an interview about her choice to trust and praise God in the midst of a very dark time in her life.  Then she tries sky diving!  Watch…listen…be inspired.

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