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Josie Cole embarked on the most courageous journey she’s never regretted.

Originally published on Aug 16, 2015.  Over the last six years, Josie Cole has found fulfillment in following God’s leading in her life.  Josie is getting married to Brandon Fraser in August 2021.

The greatest of art is that of making others happy.”

Artistic Opportunities

As far back as I can remember, my dream of performing, as well as learning about the performing arts, has never failed to shine. Slide1

My grandpa was a music teacher. My grandma and mom were dance teachers. Dad and my brothers are musicians. I didn’t really have a choice but to thrive and learn the arts. Coming from an artistic family, every minute of my childhood was immersed in artistic opportunities.  

With all different art forms growing up, I had always felt most at home while performing musical theater. From Shirley Temple tap solos, to playing Belle in “Beauty and the Beast,” I quickly realized that musical theater is not a chosen profession for me — it is a calling. Josie Cole6

Re-Connecting With God

While in my 8th year at Victoria School I became connected with Anomaly Youth at North Pointe Community Church and I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of Gods presence. Most people take time to transition into a new life with God; for me it was instant.

With my love of the arts, the moment I heard pastor Jeremy Gifford singing “Guardian” by Ben Cantelon I immediately felt the Spirit calling me to follow God. A 2500 pound weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I felt free. Josie Cole3

Following God wasn’t my first choice growing up. I was surrounded by family who shared the Gospel and knew that in my heart it was what I was supposed to do, but I had just never had the opportunity.

Shining a Light For God

After accepting Jesus into my heart, performing and musical theater became a whole new experience. Before, it was all about me, and how I felt on stage; Now it has become a way of shining a light for God in a place that is known for its darkness.

As I hit grade 12, I quickly realized that it was time to choose the next path for my future. My friends were scrambling around trying to decide on schools and programs but I had no problem choosing where to go. As my high school experience has drawn to a close, it is very clear that God is leading me to pursue musical theater and performance at a professional level. Josie Cole2

Pursuing My Dream

I packed my bags and took off to Toronto, Ontario. I pursued my dream at Randolph Academy of Performing Arts to earn my Diploma in musical theater. This may be the most scary, amazing, crazy, adventurous thing I have ever done. I have no doubt that this is the path that God has lead me to take. Josie Cole5

As 60 people are successful in entering the program every year I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of Jesus. In my program I will be taking in classes equally in dance, voice, music theory, acting, theater history and more.

With long, physically intensive days coming in my near future I couldn’t be more excited to pursue my passion. Its not everyday that you are given the chance to study at one of the most renowned arts schools in Canada.

Josie Cole: Doing What I Love

When I step onto the stage, doing what I love, I realize that there is no place I’d rather be. The feeling of creating and sharing my passion for the arts while shining the love of God is the ultimate feeling of happiness. Josie Cole4

I cannot help but praise God for where he has taken me and for the people he has put in my life. From teachers, to my church, to friends and family I am certain that this would not be possible without them.

I moved to the biggest city in Canada. All alone. Straight out of high school. This is easily the most courageous thing I’ve ever done. In spite of all that, my nerves are settled because I trust that this is where God lead me.

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  • bob jones says:

    Good to hear your “voice” here, Kerri! Thanks for reading and encouraging, Josie.

  • soultrees says:

    God bless u Josie! The times I’ve heard u lead singing and co-singing for worship I have felt the devotional heart, and also have felt His spirit stronger. Thank you for sharing your voice! <3

  • bob jones says:

    proud of you Josie. God always uses our past to propel us into our
    future. Go live out those God given dreams for your life. Remember you
    are never alone He is always with you. Go shine! via Jocelyn Jones

  • Shirley Bidnick says:

    Congratulations on your choices, achievements, and acceptance to Randolph Academy. You have big dreams, huge opportunities and an enormous unlimited God that will be with you where you go. Thanks for sharing your faith story with us. Everyone is proud of you and praying for you.

  • Carson Cole says:

    Wow Josie…I just found this….sooo good..I love you and will always think of you…God Bless you…
    Your Dad

  • Vahen King says:

    What a remarkable story, and an incredible young woman!.

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