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John, Jeremy, Aaron – Anthem

When a person walks away from church, they usually leave when they’re young. Here’s three young guys walking with the church and with youth to disciple them in following Jesus.

All three are in their final year at Vanguard College and all will be hanging around North Pointe after grad.

Meet Jeremy, Aaron and John.

Jeremy Berry

Though Jeremy Berry grew up in Drumheller (the town known for dinosaurs) he doesn’t actually know that much about dinosaurs. He is a grad of St. Anthony’s School – located on Dinosaur Trail (really).

His least fav movie is Jurassic World.

As a Anthem Senior High Pastor he aspires to see God work in his life by building up, and equipping the younger generation to understand their worth in Jesus Christ.

“I hope to equip youth to know how to serve the church, and how to build up other people through their own gifting and abilities. My prayer is that God uses me to establish a community of real hope, new life, and lasting purpose.”

Aaron Johnston

Born in Cambridge, Ontario, Aaron Johnston grew up in Edmonton and graduated Harry Ainlay High School – home of the Titans.

Few people know he lived in Pennsylvania for 4 years, and went to school there as a child (WPP).

Aaron once held down a job as a super hero but hated the outfits – especially the glasses.

Aaron’s hope is to live so closely in tune with Jesus that everyone he meets is affected by His incredible love. He aspires to see the lives of many changed and transformed by God’s powerful grace.

As Anthem Worship pastor at North Pointe, Aaron wants to see people flourish in their giftings and to help guide and lead those who are a part of the worship teams at Anthem Youth and Anthem Young Adults.

John Pangan

John Pangan was born in Manila but he grew up in the ‘Peg. John humbly accepts the mantle of being “the best” in his family. He’s the middle child between two sisters. John’s a grad of Kelvin High School – home of the Clippers.

The most surprising thing that very few people know about John is he loves to cook.

And his favourite animal is an Orca (sorry no Orca pics).

John once failed to get 2000 likes on his Facebook page, thus avoiding having to do a back flip on video. Genius, because John doesn’t own a video camera.

John’s ambition is to be a shepherd of God’s flock. Part of his role in Anthem Kids will be working with special needs children. He’s also fully engaged with Anthem 56. John wants to reach people of all ages who don’t know Jesus and see them decide to follow Jesus and develop a personal relationship with Him.

Anthem Drop-In Centre

Anthem is in good hands.

Last summer, John and Jeremy helped pastors Hope Thomas and Charity Mongrain launch a new Anthem initiative – a community Drop-in Centre at North Pointe for students Grades 5-11.

Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon, North Pointe is home to teens from our community at the Drop-In.

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  • Carole Holmes Schlachta says:

    Now that’s what I call Holy Diversification!
    God had given you three angels, Pastor Bob.
    May the Lord use them mightily in His service.
    God bless NP and Good bless you, Pastor Bob

  • Lana says:

    It is amazing and inspiring to see all of you who are teaching and guiding and lifting up our children! I’m so grateful for you all, even though my kids are not old enough to know some of you, I know that you all create a great influence on all the kids at North Pointe!

  • Adena says:

    My son loves youth , thank you for holding him accountable . Thank you for helping parents navigate the teen years . ( Auto correct wanted to make this “tears” …. that works too.)

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