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“I wrote this in response to a World Vision gift my sister gave on my behalf—a goat.

The story is my imagined result of that gift.  And, my intent is to help people imagine what the gift might do.”Slide1

Are you able to feel the cool floor through your sleeping mat, drifting there on the red dirt?

Soon the mat will be rolled up and the day will start with a pot of water to boil on a small fire, and you walking to get more water.

It will take an hour.

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North Pointe is partnering with World Vision in Nkayi, Zimbabwe to help give children a future. Just over 190 children are sponsored by peiple from North Pointe.

Located a little over 600 km from the capital city of Harare, the Nkayi Greenfield program is found in Zimbabwe’s arid Matabeleland North Region. The area has suffered from recurring droughts.

The area is fortunate to have lush open grassland which helps with animal ranching. However sandy soil to grow food has contributed to chronic food shortages. People in Nkayi practice farming to earn a living, as well as engage in vocations such as basketry, dressmaking, brick making, and carpentry.

Housing conditions are poor and less than 20 percent of households have latrines.

Read more about Nykai at World Vision’s site here.

Tim FowlerTim Fowler is a writer, photographer and a Board member at North Pointe. You can experience his creativity on his blogsite, “Scribbles and Snaps.” Tim says “I created this platform to share my experience of constant amazement with bits of our world and slivers of experience, and strive to make photographs and writing reflect those slivers and bits.  My goal is to amuse you, and sometimes make you laugh out loud, to shine a light where shadows exist, to stir emotion, motivate action, think laterally, and to encourage you to experience life more fully through stories told in photographs and pictures painted in words.”

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