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I will be a unifying Christian.Slide1

There are times when I must take a stand for God and His Word,
But I can do so in such a way that is charitable and non-combative.
My tone can be helpful,
And my demeanor can be Christ-like.
I will be a unifying Christian.

I will seek to build up before I tear down,
To encourage before criticizing.
I will learn that my words can be a source of great harm,
Or they can be a source of encouragement and joy.

I will be a unifying Christian.

That means that my needs and preferences will be last.
And I will seek to serve others with joy.

In all that I do, I will strive to be selfless in my church and in my life.

My priority will be to build up the body of Christ.

I will be a unifying Christian.

I will pray each day that I show Christ’s love more fully,
To be compassionate and caring for those in need.
In Christ’s strength, I will be a voice of hope
To so many who believe this world is cruel and hopeless.

I will be a unifying Christian.

I know many are watching me.
They know I am believer in Christ, a Christian.
My words and actions are my witness.
The world will know we are Christians by our love.

I will be a unifying Christian.

Such is my hope.

My goal.

My prayer.

This was contributed by Thom Rainer – “I Will be A Unifying Christian”

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