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Everybody’s got a story and yours can inspire the world. That’s why we started #humansofnorthpointe in 2016. Once or twice a week we’re posting stories of people on North Pointe’s Facebook page.

Thousands of people have viewed and shared some of the following stories. Search the hashtag #humansofnorthpointe to see all of the stories so far.


“I am still alive. But,my speech, my breathing and my physical strength is quickly fading. I am still able to operate my scooter in the house and I try to do everything I can by myself and Judee gets very mad at me because I am so stubborn.

Daxon and Espen mean the world to me and are my #1 reason why I want to be healed. I would like to see the look on Espen’s face when I can get up and chase him. I believe every night that I will be healed. I never give up hope. I continue to pray and trust God for a miracle. I want to thank everyone for praying for me I know and believe God hears prayers.” John has ALS. Please pray for John and his family. READ MORE HERE


This little super hero was amazing to work with. She has a bright and gentle soul that resonates with whats really important in life.

She has been diagnosed with G.A.N. (Giant Axonal Neuropathy). Its a terminal genetic disorder, her body does not produce protein needed to clear the aggregates in the nerves (the axons). They build up in the nerves and disable the function of that nerve. It is progressive and effects every body function.

When we asked her mother what her child’s super power is she said: “Jordan is so positive, she refuses to be limited, she does and tries everything with a smile on her face.Even when she spends most of her time falling.”

What would you like others to know about being a parent/caregiver to a child impacted by rare disease /disorder? “My child is not her diagnosis. She is a 6 year old girl who loves her friends, school and her family. There is always a support network out there, you just need to seek it out”

I am RARE. I am UNIQUE. I am POWERFUL. Inspirational, joyful, amazing, kind, determined, empathetic and loving. #RarePowers  READ MORE HERE


“If you want something better for your life, you need to be willing to take a risk”. When Moises Domingos decided to come to Canada in 1957, he took a big risk. He was enlisted with a group of young men from his village to go to a foreign country to work as a laborer for the CN Rail company.

He could not speak English and he knew no one. He would not see his family for two years. But this is the choice he made because he believed it would benefit his family and future generations.

One of the first things he did when he arrived in Edmonton was to find a church. He was living downtown and Central Tabernacle on 108 St. was close to his home. He started attending the church. When his wife Maria and daughter arrived, the women of the church welcomed them and made them feel at home.

The Domingos are an active part of North Pointe Church (formerly Central Tabernacle). On their 65th wedding anniversary in September 2016, their daughter Jennifer said, “My mom and dad were fearless. They did not think about the risk, they only focused on the benefit. They worked hard to provide the best life they could for their children. I’m grateful to my parents for the example they have been of commitment, love and perseverance through good times and difficult times. I am so thankful to them for staying together and loving each other these 65 years and for giving us a loving home to always come to.”


“One of the most impressionable experiences I’ve had in Mozambique was doing door-to-door ministry in a nearby village. Since everyday is different here, I didn’t really know what to expect. I ended up at a hut where a young woman was taking care 4 small children by herself.

After talking for a while, I was able to pray for her, and give her some words of knowledge. When I had finished, she motioned to the inside of her hut, where her sick mother lay. She was gracious enough to invite us inside to view the extent of her mother’s illness, and to minister to her. I immediately started praying for healing for this woman as she was unable to sit up, talk, or use her legs. I fully expected a miracle, but it became obvious after a couple of minutes of prayer that she wasn’t getting any better.

Due to some changes in our schedule, my team ended up going to the same village the next day to do some more ministry. During this time, I was drawn back to the same hut and was completely shocked by what I saw. This woman who was in complete despair the day before was out on her front porch, sitting up without any support. Over the course of a day, she regained her ability to walk, was healed of her vertigo, and was able to form sentences. This experience both humbled me, and showed me that all things happen in God’s timing. The power of prayer is an amazing thing that I continue to grow in every day.” READ MORE HERE.


“One day when I was driving in the car with my dad, we heard a quote on the radio: The most dangerous prayer you can pray is, ‘God use me.’

I wondered if this was meant for me as a sign that God was going to use my life in a special way. Since I have been diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia I started to think, ‘This is for sure how God wanted to use my life.’

It seemed crazy to me, that I could have cancer, because I’m a competitive soccer player, and I’d felt healthy until my back started to hurt.

God wants to use my life to help others who have leukemia, because the doctors can learn from my rare type of cancer.

I have committed my life to God. I will follow Jesus the rest of my life. I trust God completely, especially with my leukemia, because I know He is in control of the whole situation and He will keep me safe, even during times when I feel like I’ll never feel better.” READ MORE HERE


Thuy Cao remembers the late 1970s following the end of the Vietnam War. He was one of over a million refugees who risked everything to flee the war-ravaged countries of Vietnam. Those who took to the ocean in tiny overcrowded ships were dubbed the “boat people.”

For Thuy, the risk his family took bought him freedom in Canada. Today he is married with two children, one of whom is a post-secondary student assisting him in offering badminton lessons at North Pointe. Thuy competed in badminton at the World Masters Games in Edmonton in 2005 and in Australia in 2009.

Thuy’s affable personality is reflective of his Christian faith and has created an appreciative following of students of his racquet and snowboarding coaching. READ MORE HERE.

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