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Finding courage, strength and beauty in the midst of challenges is a life long journey of discovery. Hannah Kaup experienced surprising ways in which God brought these qualities into her life at just the right time and she is generously sharing those discoveries.

This is a guest post from Hannah – a stay at home mom, wife to Matthew, mama to Annaliese and Abigail – and founder of Honey and Betts!

As a young mom, wife and believer I have to be fearless in my faith and I try to spread the truth to many broken people. I’ve discovered that my timing and God’s timing are not the same, and it is my journey of my acceptance of that that I share in my blog. With this exposure to my life I know that God is using me to touch people that I will never meet. That is my personal mission behind Honey & Betts.

I’ve grown up listening to all kinds of music (you could say I went through all the phases) and now as family we have settled into our old country, Flat and Scuggs, and inspirational Christian songs. Every now and then we set my iPhone to replaying the same princess songs for Annaliese, but we try to refrain from that.

When Jaime approached me about her new album, Roots + Wings, I was quite excited because it’s been difficult finding music that appeals to both our 2 year old’s taste and my own. When her album arrived in the mail I kept it in our car and listened to it all the time.

Everything about the songs were beautiful and it touched my heart that God had sent Jaime these songs and then directed her to me. He sent me these songs through Jaime, intentionally.HANNAH KAUP

A few weeks later my family experienced a loss.

I remember reading the text message while I was sitting in the car listening to Jaime’s music. I broke down in tears because the loss was about a baby. The car ride home I had tears streaming down my face – a combination of sorrow for my family members, not understanding God’s plan in it all, and the thankfulness for my two babies.

I know that it does not confirm in the Bible that babies go to heaven when they die, but I have faith that my God is merciful and just. He has each one of us in the palm of His hand. He knows our every need and cares for us.

The weeks following I played Roots + Wings over and over again, I found courage and strength that God was in control through Jaime’s music. Hannah Kaup3

Hannah enjoys taking photographs of my baby girls and everything around me, playing board games, hot yoga, praising and worshiping our Lord and playing sports with my husband. My biggest fashion mistake was my youth – the 2000’s brought me Bart Simpson t-shirts, bleach blonde pixie hair cuts, and Harry Potter style glasses. Hannah has a huge following on Instagram and Facebook.

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