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Guarantees in life – death and taxes – are two, as the old saying goes.  When it comes to the future, our best action is to make things “more likely.”  Will it be more likely that your life will be better because of certain choices?  If something good was more likely to happen because you made a choice, wouldn’t you make that choice? “Home Pointe” is our initiative to make it more likely through North Pointe that:

couples will create a thriving marriage.
parents will introduce their young children to Christ in the context of their home.
parents will launch their teens as devoted followers of Christ.

In the weeks to come we’ll be rolling out new online resources to help you and your family experience the above objectives.  We’ll be presenting a 120-day initial focus in the fall that will help you take practical steps to growing your faith at home.

North Pointe is one of the first Canadian churches to initiate an intentionality around building faith at home.  We are partnering with like-minded leaders in North America to do all we can to serve and equip our generation and generations of families to come.  Our “Takin’ Care of Business” sermon series kicked off on June 5th with a message about you and your faith.  You can hear it here –


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