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There’s a lot to like about Joey Pilgrim. The man is a multi-talented wonder with a pastor’s heart. He’s sports savvy – cheering for Connor McDavid and which ever team Connor plays on. He’s a musician and an artist and has effectively served alongside Jeremy Gifford as an intern in our Youth and Young Adult ministry. We’re excited to welcome Joey, a recent grad of Vanguard College, to his full-time role as a pastor to Young Adults, Youth and IT/Computer/Media Support. He’s already got a supportive crew of young adults and youth who look forward to seeing what God will do in and through them. Take a moment and get to know Joey.

joey collideI’m proud to say that I’m a part of the high percentage of Albertans who have made their way here from The Rock – more commonly known as Newfoundland.

I was raised in a pastor’s home, moving from city to city, and having the privilege of a large, loving family that raised me well.

Joey’s Journey

When I was 13 years old, I felt a strong sense of God calling me to pastoral ministry. This wasn’t to simply follow in my father’s footsteps, but to live out who I believed God had made me to be.

It’s certainly been a journey since then!

After completing some university courses at Memorial University in Newfoundland, I made the decision to follow God’s calling. So I packed up and moved to Edmonton where I would attend Vanguard College – this was the beginning of a whole new journey.

The Value of Vanguard

I wouldn’t trade my time at Vanguard for the world. Although my student days had their ups and downs, God was able to work in my life in incredible ways.

He was able to show me things about myself that I had never expected to see, to cultivate the gifts He has given me, and to train me through that process – which was breaking at times – all in order to accomplish His will in my life.

The staff, the quality of teaching, the mentorship, and especially the community of Vanguard have been a huge blessing to me, and I’m incredibly thankful for the adventure God has taken me on, despite the obstacles.

The North Pointe Family

During my fourth year at Vanguard, I had been interning under Jeremy Gifford’s guidance at North Pointe, which was an amazing experience. From the moment I began attending North Pointe, I felt that I was a part of a family. The community here as been so welcoming, and there hasn’t been a moment that I didn’t feel at home.

I feel privileged and honored to now have the opportunity to work full-time with such a wise, loving staff. If someone had told me when I was 13 that I would be serving as a pastor to such an incredible community, I don’t think I would have believed them. I’m excited to see where God takes both me, and my North Pointe family on this journey.

A Beauty Named Kristin

With all that being said, stepping into this position isn’t the only exciting part of my life right now! In July of 2016 I have the honor of marrying the beautiful, love of my life, Kristin.

She has been such a blessing to me, and we are so excited to walk in God’s calling for us as a team.

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