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Trevor Caverly fourTrevor and Cherise and their son Parker are part of our North Pointe family.

Trevor will be ordained (becoming a “REV”) on Sunday April 17th at 11:00am. (Leave a note for him below.)

Trevor Caverly drumsTrevor Caverly joined the pastoral staff at North Pointe on 01/01/16 as our “Connections Pastor.” Trevor was an intern at North Pointe four years ago, working with youth. He is highly respected as a pastor in Alberta and BC. He returned to North Pointe with his wife, Cherice and son, Parker where Trevor is helping move us into our next chapter of ministry.

There are many reasons we are excited to be at North Pointe. We are excited because we have felt this is God ordained, that He has called us as a family to join in on His plans for the N.P community and we are blessed to be a part of it!

We are also honored and excited to be on the N.P staff, many who I’ve had the privilege of knowing for years and others who I am getting to know!Trevor Caverly jeremy


It has always been a big part of Cherice’s and my heart to have people come to that understanding of how loved and valued they are regardless of what they have to offer. We desire for people to know the love and heart of the Father, our creator, the one who desires to be in relationship with us, and the one who unconditionally loves us!

We are passionate for people to really KNOW God and to allow Him to be at work in their lives! These passions and desires that God has lit in our hearts is what drew us into ministry and has continually led us through the years. And these same desires are exactly what excites us to be a part of ministering to people at North Pointe because we see the value of community, in growing together, praying for, caring for and loving those we share life with, we really do believe we are better together!Trevor Caverly


Just to allow you to get to know us a little better let me tell you five interesting things about Cherice and myself.

1. Both Cherice and I grew up in Lloydminster (Saskatchewan side… technically I grew up in Marshall, SK)! Cherice has an older brother and sister, I have an older brother and younger brother AND we both believe we are the best-looking child that each of our families produced (lol).

2. I love almost every sport there is but I am most passionate about hockey and golf. I grew up playing both of these since a very young age. I love watching NHL hockey, almost any game will do… Cherice is far less excited about hockey on t.v than I am but does enjoy it live. (Trevor is a great sport. He’s even been known to wear ugly sweaters.)Trevor Caverly canucks

3. Cherice is a very talented and passionate hair stylist. She has won awards over the years and worked in some very highly esteemed salons. She is very good at what she does and loves the personal time she gets to connect with clients in the chair.trevor caverly hair

4. We are new parents who upon arrival to Edmonton will have a one year old (Born Dec 18)! Our little Parker Elijah Franklin Caverly has been the most amazing blessing in our lives and we can’t imagine life without him… possibly because sleep deprivation but mainly because we love him so much!!Trevor caverly baby

5. We have both lived in Edmonton before and love the city. (Cherice while in hair school and myself while attending Vanguard!)

(Trevor enjoys air on the hills as well.)

Trevor Caverly boarding

Trevor, Cherice & Parker Caverly

APPLICATION: Please post a comment for Trevor and Cherice and Parker. Thank you.

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