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This is big. Super Bowl big. Jesus is going to the Super Bowl.

He Gets Us

Super Bowl commercials are big time. One 30-second ad goes for between $6-7 million. Chump change, eh? This year a Christian organization purchased a 30-second and a 60-second spot in a campaign called, “He Gets Us.”

Who would spend $20 million on two ads in one football broadcast? We’re not sure. The donor is anonymous.

What we do know is why.

“Our hope is that you see how Jesus experienced challenges and emotions just like we have. We want to provide a safe place to ask questions, including the tough ones.”

I like that.


Jesus gets a bad rap today because of association with some (too many) Christians who are bigoted, mean, judgmental, misogynist, hateful, divisive, and exclusive. The very opposite of all that Jesus lived for.

“We are about sharing Jesus’ openness to people that others might have excluded. His message went out to all. And though you may see religious people as often hypocritical or judgmental, know that Jesus saw that too — and didn’t like it either. Instead, Jesus taught and offered radical compassion and stood up for the marginalized.”

I like that, too.

He Likes Us

Most North Americans have heard “Jesus loves you” at some time in their lives. We become tone deaf to the meaning of the words. But “He gets us” conveys a deeper feeling about God’s love. It says that he loves us, and he likes us. That’s the genius of the messaging. Campaign explanation.

Teaser ads and billboards were released in 2022 in Times Square, MLB ballparks, and during NFL playoff games. The videos are 15 seconds long, emotive, and address relatable feelings and experiences of Jesus.

My favourite ad is  Jesus Invited Everyone to Sit at His Table Jesus spent a lot of time around the dinner table. Many of his most frequently quoted messages and standout stories happened while sharing a meal with others. And the company around the table was a remarkably diverse cast. Why?


Did Jesus Have Fun?

Did Jesus Face Criticism?

How Did Jesus Deal With Injustice?

Was Jesus Ever Stressed?

Was Jesus Ever Lonely?

Did Jesus Ever Get Angry

Was Jesus’ Family Perfect?

Did Jesus Really Struggle As I Do?

The campaign is supported by a 7-day Bible reading plan on YouVersion. You can start reading and discovering more about Jesus with us in this plan starting February 12th. He Gets Us connects seekers to Alpha, a Bible study, prayer, or support.


“Ultimately, we want people to know his teachings and how he lived while here on Earth. And this will be a starting point to understanding him and his message. Though we believe he was what Christians call fully God and fully man, that may not be what you believe. We’re simply inviting you to explore with us at He Gets Us how might things be different if more people followed his example. So, look at this as an open invitation to engage and learn more. We’re also here to support and listen to you.”

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(One of my favourite podcasts of 2023. Carey Nieuwhof interviews Bill McKendry of Haven. Great on so many levels. Behind the scenes stories of how the He Gets Us campaign was developed and why NFL owners granted access to overtly Christian ads during the Super Bowl.)

Canadians will have to search online for the ads during the Super Bowl because they won’t be broadcast into Canada. Ugh. But they are accessible. You may be able to find them here.

If you have another source please leave a comment below.

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