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UmbrellaThis is a guest post from Cindy Keating. Cindy is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, blogger, speaker and a long time attender of North Pointe. She loves to create conversation at – an online community premised on the belief that we are all leaders of worship. By finding our true contentment in Christ, we can experience everyday “red carpet” moments simply by seeing our day-to-day tasks as our greatest opportunities for worship.

“It’s the eye contact that lingers a little too long, the hug that squeezes a little too hard, the handshake that practically rips your arm off, the pause that befalls a conversation where we feel the need to say, “Anyhow…” It’s that fake sentence that has become a greeting rather than a question: “Hi, how are you?” “Good thanks, how are you?”…. as our eyes and body language have already moved onto the next person.

We’ve taken warmth and affection and put a time limit on it. We’ve taken a heart felt question and turned it into a sterile greeting. We’ve taken the beautiful silence in conversation (and never mind life in general) and labeled it as awkward – as ‘space’ that needs to be filled with token spew. So much so, that anything outside of these unspoken social cues and parameters are quickly label as different. Or strange. Or weird.

I was reminded of this last Sunday in church.” Click here to read more.

Bob Jones

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