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Its two days after Easter Sunday and I still have a ringing in my ears. Over and over I hear, “Hope is alive! Hope is alive!” With the sound, I can also see the enthusiastic faces of the choir giving their all in proclaiming those words. Easter Sunday 2011 was an experience. It was a “God moment” for me and 100’s of others. People had encounters with the Lord. Some crossed the faith line. Some experienced a renewed hope. That’s what happens when people use their SHAPE to serve God.  Some of the choir sang together for the first time.  They found their “sweet spot.”  They ministered.  You can’t help but know Sean and Jan are in their “sweet spot” when they direct the choir.   The band created a live sound that rocked.  The technicians did their thing so well you didn’t know they were there.  God works through people like that.  He does spiritual work through spirited people.  We expect every Sunday at NP to have its own unique “God moments.”  They happen in our Childrens ministry and during worship and as we hear the Word of God.  This Sunday could be your Sunday for a “God moment.” You won’t know if you don’t show.

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