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Micah Berteau’s Love Changes Everything is not a book for those inclined to fake it until they make it. Real love doesn’t come in a performance.

Love comes in a person.

My first impression from the title was, “Do we need another book on love?” Of all the subjects a first time author would choose and it had to be “love.” Really?

Love has been well studied and widely misconstrued. Berteau does his readers a favor by crafting content that is a mile wide and an inch deep. That’s not a criticism. He covers a lot of ground and does that well.  Love Changes Everything is an essential primer on how not to be fake.

Berteau explores the meaning of real love through the backdrop of an 8th century Jewish prophet – Hosea – and the prostitute God commands him to marry – Gomer. Their awkward relationship represents the unconditional love of God.

Love Changes Everything reminds readers that God loves each of us as though there were only one of us. For that reason alone it’s worth your reading time.

I’d refer this book to any new follower of Jesus for it’s sound theology as well as practical applications. And because it’s rich in sound bites.

Micah is a quote machine.

Communicators looking for quotes will find a gold mine in these pages. My Kindle copy is colored with hi-lites of punchy quotes that I will put to good use. Here’s a sampling.

“It is difficult to know God’s values when we keep telling him ours.”

“Once you know the value of your future you will change the decisions of your present.”

“People who do not love you should not be able to speak into you. If their words did not make you, their words cannot break you.”

“Let your past build you not define you.”

“God will not heal what you hide. You cannot kill what you won’t confront.”

“It is not matter of if you worship but what you worship. Everyone on this planet worships something.”

“If the Devil cannot destroy you, he will distract you.”

“Sometimes you need a No to grow.”

“You have nothing to prove to people. Please the heart of God and your life will align with dreams beyond your comprehension.”

My favorite quote doesn’t come from Micah.

The quote is found in the header to Chapter Nine from Bishop Dale Bronner, “You were born looking like your parents. You die looking like your decisions.” Golden.

Falling in love with fake will leave you frustrated. You are made for more.

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