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Kelita piano2Pinch yourself, Kelita!

You’re not dreaming – that is Reba McIntire singing beside you.

Yep, the same surreal feeling as being on stage with k. d. Lang.

Just like the starstruck stance of Eileen (Shania) Twain when she sang back up for you.

Through The Hardships

You would never guess from the vibrancy in Kelita’s smile that she endured years of childhood sexual abuse, addiction, tragedy and marital unfaithfulness.

Kelita’s life history reads like a heart-rending version of Ripley’s believe-it-not.

Father – suicide when she was 11.

Mother – died of cancer when she was 14.

She was repeatedly abused by a step-brother.

A younger sister died in a car accident.

Her older brother drowned.

At 18 she moved 2,200km to get away from her manipulative step-father.

Her second husband had an affair with her best friend.Screenshot 2016-09-21 17.43.25

An Encounter With God

Emotionally, mentally and spiritually bankrupt, she had to haul herself out of a ditch at 4 am one morning after a near fatal automobile accident.

She had an epiphany.

“I knew I had been saved by a greater power and that my new path and journey of healing and recovery would be directed by God.”

Hear Kelita share her “Redemption Song” on Monday September 26th at 7:00pm at North Pointe.

Her Childhood Dream of StardomKelita girl

From the imaginary stage in the hay loft of the big barn of her parent’s Claresholm, Alberta ranch, Kelita began to sing at the age of four.

The yard light was her first “spotlight.”

Her love of music and performing were Kelita’s escapes from significant traumatic experiences and abuse during her early childhood and teen years. In fact, it was those escapes that fine-tuned a dream that she would “one day be a star” – a reality that continues to expand after decades of performance from Nashville to LA.

Used By God

Kelita’s latest CD production on singer/songwriter styled “Heart of a Woman” reflects a connection with emotional scars present in so many people today. Its speaks to the acknowledgement, empathy and the very real struggle of overcoming adversity.

It has become commonplace for her audience to bestow virtues on Kelita for her music helping them through hardships, illness or seemingly impossible life challenges. As one of her fans proclaims, “You saved my life.”

Kelita is an exceptional woman who is a compassionate artist that God powerfully uses to impact and touch the human spirit.

Kelita title2

APPLICATION: Kelita will be appearing one night only at North Pointe – Monday September 26th at 7:00pm. Ample parking. For tickets call 780-452-5566 or email

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  • Carole Schlachta says:

    God will use this young lady for His glory.
    It always amazes me, from my own experience, how the Lord turns a horrible situation and experience in the wars of life, and mends and heals the broken vessel to be used to mend another broken life.
    We can always trust the Lord to heal the damaged and broken hearted.
    “He heals the broken hearted and binds their wounds”.

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