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The Let’s Talk Hope on Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 29, 2020 isn’t your typical conference. It’s not about just listening to a speaker and then leaving. This is a conference where everyone gets to speak. Every voice is heard – from the student all the way to the CEO.

Mental health is socially created.

Mental health is personal to me. Today, I will help a stranger’s family. He lost his battle with PTSD and died by suicide leaving his wife and two daughters devastated. I’ll be officiating his funeral. My cousin took her own life, depressed after her marriage ended abruptly. An acquaintance is in and out of hospital after repeated suicide attempts.

I want you at this Conference because your voice matters in raising awareness around mental health. It’s important that you be there to hear what’s happening in the lives of our neighbors.

We invite innovators in mental health to share what they are doing to make a difference. Business owners, non-profit leaders, mental health care professionals, teachers, and students are invited to the table to share about mental health from their context. We collaborate together for solutions because mental health is created socially.

Read Connie Jakab’s vision for the event.

A time to hope.

The Let’s Talk Hope conference in Edmonton on January 29, 2020 brings together people from all walks of life to talk and share about mental health from their context. We invite business owners, artists, non-profit leaders, mental health care professionals, teachers and students to come out from their silos to come around the table to talk.

We include a couple of speakers and community highlights and workshops, but the peak of the event is when everyone gets a chance to share. Listen for what is shared in common and what would solve problems.

The community is called to dream together of what steps towards solutions look like. It’s an electric day I really want you to be a part of. It’s time we dream and hope again regarding mental health.

Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Let’s Talk Hope in association with Bell Let’s Talk is affordable and worth the time you invest to be there and influence others to attend with you.  Meet the featured speakers:

Blake Loates

Wade Sorochan

Vahen King

Glori Meldrum

Bob Jones

Lori Patrick

Sally King

Kim Knull

Jesse Lipscombe

Kaeli Morris

There will be ample time for response and discussion to the speakers’ content as well as hands-on, interactive workshops.

APPLICATION:  Purchase your ticket here for the Let’s Talk Hope EDMONTON Conference on Wednesday January 29th at the Coast Plaza Hotel, 10155 105 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2.

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