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Lying on the floor in our bedroom certainly provides an interesting perspective.


It doesn’t matter why I was on the floor but I hadn’t fallen and couldn’t get up. Neither was I looking for anything. I put myself there on purpose. That is a story for another time.

From my vantage point I noticed there was a compilation of dust under the bed as well as under the armoire. And under the dresser. Note to self: when you get up off the floor you need to dust.

I would not have seen the mess if had I not been on the floor.

The experience caused me to wonder about my spiritual perspective. What am I missing because I am not in the posture to see it?


Living relatively close to the mountains has been a dream come true. The mountains, especially the Rockies, never, ever disappoint. I love the view from the top when you can look down and see the lay of the land. How the rivers and streams streak through the landscape, the roads, and the towns. It is a view like no other.

In my spiritual life I like mountain top experiences.

However, with mountains and mountain ranges there are valleys. The valleys are OK but I never want to stay there. I want to climb and get to the top. In the valley sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees so to speak. My view is limited, and it is a grind.

However, the valley is where I have probably spent most of my spiritual experience. Because the valley is where we grow. Its where we have to work out our faith.

The mountain top is the reward of the valley.

Deal With It

Like me maybe you find yourself in a valley or on the floor. Sometimes you’ve got to deal with the things you have to deal with so deal with it and get on with life.

Can you guess the first thing I did when I got up off the floor?

I made myself a cup of coffee.

And then I dealt with the dust bunnies.

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Jocelyn Jones

Jocelyn is the better half of the REVs at REVwords. She loves people, football, tasty recipes, and always succeeds in making life enjoyable. She is Gramma J to 5 grandchildren and mom to 2 sons and 2 daughters. Married to Bob for 42 long years.


  • Myrna Gray says:

    Love your writing Joc sometimes we do have to change our view to see what we are missing.

  • Sharon Murphy says:

    Nicely done, Jocelyn — funny, meaningful and to the point all at once! It made me think of Erma Bombeck – I remember my mom reading her columns and laughing out loud : ) I love your spiritual take on finding dust bunnies, we can all relate!

  • Karin Laser Ristau says:

    Thanks for your blogpost!


    It’s in the valleys we grow, where the warm breezes blow,
    Where the air is so sweet after the rain,
    Where the warmth of the sun, caresses each one
    And helps each to grow through the pain.

    Oh, you’ll often climb hills for adventure and thrills,
    Just to see where you’ve been in the valleys below.
    While on mountaintops high, you may wonder why,
    You have to go back down to grow.

    The view from up there, as you breathe the cool air
    Gives a marvelous, different perspective,
    And you would love to stay, on this peak every day,
    For you think life would be more effective.

    Yet, some valleys are dry, and you really do try,
    But you can’t see His Hand leading you through.
    As you’re plodding along, in your heart there’s no song,
    You can’t even see how He’s changing you.

    Torrential rains, can quickly cover dry plains,
    You may fear you will drown and be swept out to sea,
    But He’s right there beside you, to lead and to guide you,
    And says, “Keep your eyes fixed on Me!”

    Accept each valley with gratitude;
    let Christ attend to your attitude,
    You’ll be blessed! Let go and give Him full control.
    Each valley a new opportunity,
    a place where you will be able see
    You’re being made perfect and whole.

    You’ll be like a tree, for all eternity,
    Planted by streams of pure, living water.
    Yielding good fruit in its season,
    giving others a very good reason,
    To glorify God, your Heavenly Father.

    Karin Laser Ristau

  • Teresa says:

    Such truth in this message Jocelyn. A great reminder of when see the valley and what we have made it through from that mountain top view.
    I’m now rounding some bends and getting a glimpse of what’s to come myself. Thanks for all you both do for the kingdom.

  • Judy McDonald says:

    Thank you for sharing your everyday adventures. I really enjoy your writing and stories. I also like the valleys but like to be where I can see from the top of a mountain! You are amazing and are so encouraging.

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