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When you come for a visit to my office you get the impression I kinda like Coke.  My shelves are lined with cans, bottles and mementos from around the world.  People know I am a collector and bring items from their travels for my collection.  Each item becomes a conversation starter.  Coca-Cola is 125 years old this week.  There is a huge birthday celebration planned in Atlanta at Coca-Cola’s head office.  I like the vision they cast about their product – “delivering happiness.”  Sounds a bit grandiose but I like it.  Coca-Cola is in more countries than any other product, except the Bible.  It has the greatest brand recognition, except for the cross.  My collection reminds me each day that my task is to help deliver happiness.  The happiness that comes from knowing Jesus.  The happiness that Jesus promised in a “fullness of life” and a purpose in living, and a life beyond this life.  Don’t keep the faith…pass it on.

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