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Their creativity flows from their passion for a purpose or a person they love.

Some create because they want to.  Others create because they must. Either way, artists stir our imagination.

The world is a more beautiful place because of them.

7 Artists Of North Pointe

1. Hannah Kaup – Honey And Betts

Hannah’s enthusiasm is contagious and everything she touches glows. She posts about style, travel, beauty, family life and shopping for her following on Instagram and her website. Hannah’s a mom to two pre-schoolers and a husband in law school.Screenshot 2016-08-27 15.24.20Read more in You Can’t Out Give God and Hannah’s Story.

2. Timothy Fowler – A Platter For Life

Timothy Fowler recently retired as a Vice President with Aramark Foods to pursue his passions of writing, travel, photography, cooking and family – not necessarily in that order.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 15.28.18Tim writes to “let what wells up in me splash on the page…to share hope. I write to make my heart pound, to stretch my brain for the best word for a taste, feeling, sound.”

His pictures are captured moments in time – “Pungent flavors of people and places to serve up on the platter for life.”

Find more of what Tim’s serving up at Timothy Fowler – Scribbles and Snaps
Tim and Kathy Fowler’s Story

3. Kristen Melynk – Digital Scrapbooking and Health

Kristen Melynk is a mama of seven and wife to one. She’s lived a lot more than most and knows even more. She’ll help you get healthy – spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally – and show you how to publish your stories and photos in gorgeous hard bound photobooks, canvases, flipbooks, custom cards and playing cards.

Learn more at MamasMemories and Healthy Mama Healthy Family

Screenshot 2016-08-28 06.36.42

4 & 5. Amanda Murray and Christa Gagnon – Parents Battling For Their Child

Don and Amanda Murray’s youngest child, Katelyn, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in February 2016. The Murray’s learned what every parent whose child is going through a hard time know – ask for help. Amanda chronicles Katelyn’s courage at Kate’s Battle With Leukemia as an inspiration of faith, family and care at the Stollery Childrens Hospital.Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.35.39Read more about Katelyn in Fearless In The Face of Leukemia

Pete and Christa Gagnon’s daughter Jordan was diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease known as G.A.N (giant Axonal neuropathy) in January 2016. Christa started a Facebook page as her gift to Jordan, a place where everyone is praying and rooting for her no matter how far! She writes about “this crazy scary journey we are now on. All the ups and downs of everyday life. All the highs and lows of this diagnosis.”Screenshot 2016-08-28 19.12.31

Read more about Christa and Jordan in When a Child Suffers: A Mother’s Heart and Jordan’s Journey For A Cure

6. Sheri Mattar – Soul Smiles

Sheri Mattar’s reason for choosing a camera to make memories is as profound as it is succinct. She says, “While looking over old photographs, I could see my grandmother’s soul smile.” Sheri’s helping North Pointe initiate our new project – Humans of North Pointe.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 19.36.54

Learn more about how Sheri can serve your family.

7. Sarah E. Ball – Fearless In The Fire

Fourteen years ago, Sarah Ball’s life was a disaster. She was a single mom of two small children, living in poverty, abandoned, and afraid. However, this was the moment in her life that she began trusting God for her basic needs and He began turning her life around. She got married, had three more children and became an author.

Screenshot 2016-08-27 15.23.29

You’ll enjoy Sarah’s writing. She’s candid with a touch of humor about being a mom, facing sexual abuse, depression and experiencing the grace of God. Sarah will be speaking at “WINGS” – a day for women at North Pointe on Saturday March 4, 2017.

Read more about Sarah in “Out Of The Woods”

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