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We all know life isn’t easy. Many people are facing impossible challenges. Maybe you or someone you know are struggling to find hope, and paralyzing fear keeps them from moving forward. I know because that was me.

Contagious Courage

Vahen King faced a life altering disability, infidelity, and was trapped in a prison of fear. Those were only a few of her giants, what are yours?

In her latest book Contagious Courage, she provides you with tools that will encourage and inspire you to live a life of freedom.

Vahen is an author, speaker and founder of a non-profit charity called GoingFarther In 2017 she was crowned the first ever Miss Wheelchair Canada and went on to win the title of Miss Kindness World.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what position you hold, what religion, race or gender you are, or what physical abilities you have, parlaying fear, and self-doubt, are no respecter of persons.

Survival Guide

Morgan Harper Nichols said, “Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could be in someone else’s survival guide.” If you notice her book title, it includes the word contagious. That is because when she discovered that courage was contagious, and had the power to unlock other people’s freedom, it was a whole new way to live.

Contagious Courage has workbook style feel. Vahen asks questions along the way as if in a conversation. She’ll provide you with tools that will be a part of your survival guide and help you benefit even more from your time together.

Sneak Peak

Vahen gave me a sneak peak into Contagious Courage and I am proud to endorse her work.

Vahen King is the queen of courage. Diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, gutted by the loss of twins in a miscarriage, beset with relentless self-doubt, and a global pandemic that locked down opportunity, the former Miss Wheelchair Canada refused to lose and trailblazed her way forward with grit and grace. Vahen is a friend and collaborator on events offering hope and supporting mental health. 

 Looking to face your fears, know that you’re enough and achieve your dreams? Contagious Courage will challenge you and show you how to create the right perspective to grow through what you go through. Vahen leaves her armour on page one and shares personal experiences to show why trusting God and moving in obedience gives you access to more strength and courage than you ever thought possible. Vahen will inspire you with her vulnerability and humour to choose courage, embrace God’s vision and become unstoppable.”

Pre-order a copy of Vahen’s book and help spread courage.

A Word From The Author

Vahen says, “It is my prayer that you see those giants in your life fall, and that you too, move forward in total freedom with a courage that is contagious. Are you ready?

Spreading the message of hope & courage is only possible because of your courageous pledges to the Kickstarter campaign! Thank you.”

Follow Vahen’s journey @ GoingFarther and leave her a comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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  • Vahen King says:

    Wow, Thank you pastor Bob,
    I am truly honored to have you in my corner. Your RevWords and your friendship always inspire and encourage me.
    Together in His service

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