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Music should either move your feet or move your heart. North Pointe’s 2017 Christmas Choir rocked both. Christmas is real!

Christmas is Real

A look back six Christmases ago. The faces have changed but the message remains. The kudos for Christmas is Real were largely because audiences experienced more than notes and lyrics translated into music. Choir members sang their testimonies.

Christmas is real. Jesus is real. Miracles are real.

Sarah Evasiw

Suzanne Harrison

Sue knows the grace of Christmas is real. You’d never know from her contented smile that at one time in her life deeply entrenched anger was consuming her.

Have you been hurt so deeply you felt you couldn’t get over it or through it? That was Sue. The hurt went so deep she couldn’t forgive. So she asked Jesus to help her – to take away the bitterness. Jesus did. And she was free.

She knows the peace of Christmas is real. And so can you.

Suzane Harrison

Carla Friesen

Carla Friesen, pianist for the choir, knows the Jesus of Christmas is real and that he heals. Thyroid cancer threatened to end Carla’s life. She faced intense debilitation, discomfort and frightening days.

Her family and friends prayed that God would be merciful to her and spare her life.

Jesus worked a miracle. He restored her health and made it possible for her to provide the beautiful accompaniment for this wonderful presentation.

Pianist Carla Friesen

Peter Kozak

Peter became a widower after being happily married for fifty-six years. The loss of his wife was devastating.

What would his future hold? He asked God to do something special for him. God answered his prayer by sending Evie – a widow. On May 25th, 2013 Peter and his new bride exchanged vows on the very spot he sang his solo.

In 2022 Peter passed away after a battle with cancer. Through it all Peter trusted the God of Christmas.

Peter Kozak

Greg Noel

Greg knows that Christmas is real. He suffered for years from chronic, debilitating pain. Climbing even a few stairs was excruciating.

He was heavily medicated to help him cope. He came to a prayer meeting at North Pointe. A simple prayer was offered for his healing. Greg says that by the time he returned home the pain had dissipated and by the next day he was climbing stairs with no pain.

He was more than happy to provide percussion support for the Christmas performances.

Kurt Herms

Kurt and Loudell’s only child was born premature. He spent his first three weeks hospitalized in neo-natal care. Doctors were very concerned for his development and survival.

During this crisis they prayed along with family and friends and looked to God for a miracle. A few days after Christmas 2001, God began to heal their little boy. Sixteen years later their son, Julen is a happy, healthy young man.

They know God’s faithfulness is real!

Pastor Sean Morton

Sarah Wolfe

Suzanne and Celeste

Christmas Is Real

Jesus is real.

Healing is real.

Forgiveness is real.

Answered prayer is real.

What a beautiful day to take in the sounds of Christmas.

What do you need from God today? Please leave a comment or a prayer request below.

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  • Carla Friesen says:

    Thank you for the reminder that even in our toughest moments, God sees us. As someone I admire once said, “Jesus is real. Healing is real. Forgiveness is real. Answered prayer is real.”

  • Bob Jones says:

    Carla, it was so good to review your story in this post from 5 years ago and even further back. God is good. Many of our best memories over the last 25 years of Christmas and the Tree have you in the picture.

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