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“Reach” is a verb…an action word.

It requires some degree of effort.

Imagine a plate of freshly baked yummy chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the table. The smell is tantalizing. They are still warm so the chocolate chips are melted. Mmmmm!

Anyone can reach out and help themselves to a cookie or two.  Some might even crawl right up on the table to get to the treat.  No problem at all!

Now the plate is empty and a little dirty. Who wants to put it in the dishwasher?  A different kind of effort is needed to wash that plate and put it away.  How does that play out at your house?

When we are enticed by something wonderful, it is easy to jump into action; but some good things take intentional long term effort to achieve. For these, we need goals.

On January 2 the children in Discovery Zone were challenged to write down some spiritual goals for 2011.  Here are some examples of what the children wrote:

“My goal is to listen to God.”  (Kelsey)

“To read the Bible more and pray every day.” (Madeline)

“To invite a couple of friends to church.”  (Chris)

“Tell 6 people about God and Jesus.” (Jayson)

“To come to church more.”  (Sophia)

“To raise money for poor people.”  (Hailey)

Great goals!  Certainly effort needed.

Pray for our North Pointe children…that their hearts will be stirred throughout this year to reach not only their goals but a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Jodi

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