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People don’t follow the best leaders. They follow the ones who communicate the best.

That’s because your brain is trying to conserve calories.

So says Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow, Tribes, The Dip and 15 other best sellers.

What important message or service are you offering that needs to connect with people? If you’re not a Seth Godin fan here’s why he can help you.

Seth is an entrepreneur and speaker who knows what it takes to succeed in business and to be your own boss (and he rocks yellow eye ware). Over a million readers follow his blogs. By focusing on everything from leadership to the spread of ideas and changing everything, Seth has been able to motivate and inspire countless people around the world. Building a website, or guiding people to real hope? How to connect like Seth in accomplishing your preferred outcomes.

Story And Your Brain

Human brains are always trying to do two things – to survive and thrive. The human brain is designed to keep you alive.

The average brain spends thirty percent of its time daydreaming. It’s a survival mechanism. It says, “I don’t need this information.”

Unless you can communicate how you can help people survive and thrive, they’re not interested.

Whoever communicates the simplest is going to win.

If you confuse, you’ll lose.

If you clarify your message, people will listen.

Everybody pays attention when a story is told.

The story hijacks the brain. Every brain speaks the power of story.

On your website, I don’t need to hear your story. I need to see my story.

Everyone Needs A Guide

Heroes of stories can’t solve their own problems. They need a Guide.

Never play the hero in the story. Play the Guide. The role of leadership is to play the Guide, not the hero.

We love our heroes but we choose guides not heroes. We want someone who can help us win.

Position yourselves as a guide.

A Guide wants to give the hero a plan so the hero can win the day.

What People Need

1. People move towards a picture of success.

People buy things because they hear the words that make them want to buy things.
Your story doesn’t matter. Their story does.

2. People like following leaders who are clear.

Story is a sense-making device.
It helps people make sense of why you matter in their life.
Be known for providing something.

3. People love clarity and detest confusion.

What did Jeb Bush want to do with America? No clue.
What did Donald Trump want to do with America? Make America great again. Who’s the president?

Case in point – “People don’t follow the best leaders. They follow the ones who communicate the best.”

4. Give people something to accept or reject.

The only reason anyone calls you is they have a problem.
Define what the problem is. It is the heart of the story.


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