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You and I may disagree on what or who is beautiful, but we can agree there is beauty all around us. You don’t have to look far or hard to see it.

Home Behind The Sun

In Home Behind The Sun authors Timothy Willard and Jason Locy offer a fresh look on life.

You can find what is beautiful in raising a family, making a marriage work, advancing the causes of justice and in contexts that range from the mundane to the mysterious.home behind the sun

19 Insights On Life

1. What we see as beautiful, points to something else – the thing behind “the thing.”

2. Its not really “the thing” we desire at all. We see beauty and we long for God.

3. “The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all the beauty came from.” C. S. Lewis

4. Beauty is hope; the cause of goose bumps.

5. Beauty is the overwhelming feeling of awe.

6. No matter how dark our world, no matter how many shadows cast their despair on us, beauty remains.

7. Take away all the colors of the rainbow and you won’t get darkness; you get pure and radiant white. No matter how hard you try to black it out, light seeps through the cracks.

8. No matter how much pain and suffering rise to conquer us, God overwhelms them, causing good to come from even the blackest circumstances.

9. People possess the most arresting beauty on the planet. People not only look beautiful, but we can express beauty through kind actions, a soft heart or even a forgiving tone.

10. When we find innocence we find the beautiful afresh.

Your Purpose

11. Our souls were made to run on the practice of worship, law-keeping, truthfulness, honesty, discipline, self-control, and service to God and others, which is beauty.

12. When we live contrary to our designed purpose, we dry up and lose the capacity for beauty.

13. Its easy to focus on the brokenness and miss the beauty – to get hung up on the “what-if” of a situation.

14. We all enjoy something pleasing to the eye; it can move and convert your heart to new thought, new faith and new horizons. This is the artist’s job.

15. Songs, like poetry and prose, possess a beautiful quality even though we can’t always physically see it.

16. Beauty is in the brilliance of the everyday – in innocence, forgiveness, physicality, deformity, art, music, mathematics, relationships and more.

17. Beauty is that surprising clarity that arrests and liberates our attention, evoking awe and wonder and opening us to the eternal.

18. God is beauty and beauty is love.

19. God makes everything beautiful in its own time.

Which statement stood out to you? Where do you observe what is beautiful? Please comment at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

I was given a free copy of this book to review by BookLook Bloggers.

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Bob Jones

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  • #7 really stuck out to me “Take away all the colors of the rainbow and you won’t get darkness; you get pure and radiant white. No matter how hard you try to black it out, light seeps through the cracks.”
    That’s a really beautiful concept to think about and to know that darkness will never fully overcome us!

  • Barbara McCaughey says:

    Thank you for dwelling on “beauty” — so very good for individuals to read and be aware of. I have posted the same on my website to spread the awareness. I for one talk about the fact that I intentionally seek the beautiful if at all possible. I feel that is God’s desire for each of us!
    Thanks again!
    In Christian Love —

  • Bob Jones says:

    You’re welcome, Barb. I love how beauty can motivate people to think about what is behind the beauty. Who is the creator of all that’s beautiful and why do pe0ple like you become inspired to find the beauty in the less than beautiful moments of life. Thank you.

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