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People from North Pointe are reading and reflecting  on portions of the Bible, everyday.  Cindy Glubish had these reflections from her readings on Feb. 17th.

A female grizzly bear…
-Can weigh somewhere between 290–440 lbs
-Can reach 198cm/6.50 ft in length
-Can clock between 48-60 km an hour in speed
-Have paws that are 10-12 “ long
-Have claws that can reach 6 “ in length
-Have a keen sense of smell that is 100,000 times stronger than a human
-Produce 1-4 young (commonly two) every other year
-Are very protective of their offspring and will attack ferociously if they think she or her cubs are threatened.
-Are considered by some experts to be the most aggressive bear
-Are responsible for 70% of fatal injuries to humans

And yet…

“Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly.” -Proverbs 17:12-

Fool: a person who acts unwisely or imprudently
Imprudent: not showing care for the consequences of an action
Folly: lack of good sense; foolish
Foolish: the trait of acting stupidly or rash

When I read this passage of scripture in my devotions today, it actually made me go, “Hmmm… interesting.” Here I had been thinking about bears and how lucky they are that they get to hibernate in these -37 degree temperatures, and voila, I end up reading a passage about, wouldn’t you know it, a bear. Ha. God has a funny sense of humor…

So I’m taking it to mean that my simple challenge for this year will be… to think different about the company I keep and the choices I make. I encourage you to do the same!
Cindy Keating Glubish

For your copy of North Pointe’s reading plan go to and click on the “Events” drop down page.

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