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awe-inspiring sounds of ChristmasExperiencing a North Pointe Sunday of worship for the first time, may feel more like Broadway Avenue than Church Street.

That’s OK.

Worship can be subdued and it can also sparkle.

December 14th was our Sunday to sparkle!


For Christmas 2014 our Rock Choir presented, “Christmas Makes Everything New.”

You can hear the full version below.

Some of the choir’s music will carry you. Just listen. Soak it in. Let it inspire you.

Worship music communicates in a manner that spoken words cannot.

God’s Spirit will make this more than just melodies for you – He’ll make it a ministry to you.


Read what people had to say after experiencing the presentation.

“The concert was awe-inspiring. I have experienced a lengthy broken season in my life; I am hopeful that 2014 makes everything new, with God’s love & by his grace, 2015 will be the best year yet!”

“Magnificent! The voices of all the soloists were incredible. Hard work & practice. Wow. Blessed. Thank you.”


“The choir was exactly what I needed today. Remembering Jesus & celebrating his birth and all he has done in our lives.”

“Thank you for reminding me that Christmas makes everything new. Everything can be new once again.”

“It’s been an awesome morning at church. I’m happy to be a part of this congregation and happy I came today with all of my family. God Bless you!”

“Christmas Makes Everything New – this song spoke so much in my heart. Thank you for the Rock choir. Hope to be a part of it next Christmas. God bless you more!”

“The true blessing of Christmas makes everything new, no matter what road life takes you on. The Lord heals all sins, pain and regret and fills your heart with love and grace. Thank you for this beautiful message. I feel renewed!”

See the entire presentation of “CHRISTMAS MAKES EVERYTHING NEW” below.


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