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Israel is where east meets west; where the ancient collides with the modern. Jerusalem is the city of Gold, just 3,000 years young and a melting pot of culture.

Is a trip to the Holy Land resting gentle on your mind if not on your Bucket list?

9 Reasons Israel Should Be On Your Bucket List

1. Go in 2019. I was six decades into my life before I visited Israel.  Don’t wait that long. The very existence of Israel is reason enough to experience it. Its very survival is testament to its uniqueness.

2. Jerusalem is the center of the world. The city hosts the most sacred site of the world’s three major religions – Mount Moriah. It was here Abraham bound Isaac for sacrifice, Melchizedek worshiped, David settled the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon built the first Temple and Holy of Holies. Walking its crowded, bustling streets is unforgettable.

3. Israel is worth the price of admission. The Canadian dollar may be down but so are airline prices. The cost of travel to Israel today is no different than it was a year ago. In an era when people value experiences over cash, visiting Israel is an investment in an extraordinary experience. There is no better value for your travel dollar than Israel.IMG_4609

4. Israel is the only place on earth where you can walk where Jesus walked. The pavement stones of the Temple are where Jesus walked. The Sea of Galilee’s topography was what Jesus observed. Nothing has changed in two millennia. The land that presently supports the Olive trees in Gethsemane was where Jesus agonized in prayer on his last night on earth.IMG_4270

5. You’ve seen the Wailing Wall on TV – now each out and touch it. All that remains of Herod’s Temple is the Western Wall or “Wailing Wall.” The Western Wall is no mere historical asset. It is the Jewish root – the deepest roots that any people has. What television cameras show you above ground fades to grey in comparison to what can seen below ground.

The 2000 year old plus foundation stones lie in place defying logic. Their enormity will confound your senses. 20150209 Western Wall

6. Christian believers find their roots in Israel. We traveled with Chinese, English, West Indian, Polish, Ukrainian and Zimbabwean believers. The one thing we shared in common is our roots – Christianity was birthed in Jerusalem.

7. Whatever you know about the Bible will change when you travel through Israel. Sail on the Sea of Galilee, walk through Nazareth, descend into a cave at Bethlehem, stand on Mount Nebo or gaze at Golgotha and have the Bible come alive to you in an unexpected way.IMG_4182

8. Israel will change how you believe about Jesus. Your beliefs will turn to convictions. You will have a greater confidence in your faith and a deeper appreciation and devotion to the Scriptures.

9. Israel will remind you that your faith is a choice. Jewish tour guides and drivers are more familiar with Jesus’ life and the Scriptures than many believers are and yet they have not become believers. You’ll find yourself asking, “Why?” Following Jesus is a personal choice. Christianity is not based on empirical evidence but faith.

Bonus Reason: When you are in Israel, visiting Petra, one of the 8 Wonders of the World, is only a day’s trip away.IMG_9293

APPLICATION: The next tour of Israel and Jordan from North Pointe will be April 2-14, 2019. Information session on Monday January 28th at North Pointe at 7:00pm. Register online here.

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