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Life is remarkable, surprising, intriguing, and never dull.

 1. The average human eats 8 spiders in his/her lifetime while sleeping.Snapple_01_01_web

2. The average person makes 1,140 phone calls per year.

3. On average a human will spend up to 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime.

4. The average woman consumes six pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

5. The average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime.

A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber.

7. A goldfish’s attention span is three seconds.

Beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes under water.

9. Bees have five eyelids.

Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying.

11. Children grow faster in the spring.

12. Cows give more milk when they listen to music.

Dalmations are always pure white at birth.

14. Dragonflies have six legs but can’t walk.

Electric eels can release a charge powerful enough to start 50 cars.

16. Elephants only sleep two hours a day.

“Facetious” features all the vowels in alphabetical order.

18. Fish can drown.

19. Fish cough.

20. Fish have eyelids.

Galapagos turtles can take up to three weeks to digest a meal.

22. Giraffes have no vocal chords.

Honey is the only food that does not spoil.

24. Hummingbirds weigh less than a penny.

Ice cream cones can be kept from dripping by stuffing a miniature marshmallow into the bottom of the cone.

“Judo” means “the gentle way.”

Ketchup was once sold as a medicine.

Lizards communicate by doing push-ups.

Mosquitoes are attracted to people who just ate bananas.

30. Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

New York City’s public school students represent about 188 different countries.

Oysters can change from one gender to another and back again.

Pigs get sunburned.

34. Porcupines each have 30,000 quills.

Queen bees can lay 800-1,500 eggs per day.

Rope for tug-of-war must be over 100-feet long according to international rules.

Seals sleep only one and a half minutes at a time.

37. Snails breathe through their feet.

Tennessee banned the use of a lasso to catch fish.

39. Termites eat through wood two times faster when listening to rock music!

40. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was composed by Mozart when he was five years old.

Underwater hockey is played with a 3-pound puck.

Vermont is the only New England state without a seacoast.

Watermelon seed-spitting world record is about 70 feet.

44. Wisconsin has points located farther east than parts of Florida.

Youngstown Ohio – it is against the law to run out of gas.

ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan.


48. A duck’s quack doesn’t echo.

49. 1/4 of the bones in your body are in your feet.

50. You blink over 10,000,000 times a year.

51. A sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 miles an hour.

52. A one-day weather forecast requires about 10 billion math calculations.

53. No word in the English language rhymes with month.

54. You share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world.

55. Before 1687 clocks were made with only an hour hand.

QUESTION: What is your favourite Snapple fact?

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