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I first met Simon Peter Emiau in 1988. I was leading a missions team to Uganda and teaching in a Bible College in Umbale, Uganda. Simon Peter was the director of the school. He and his wife invited me to their home for lunch, a kindness I have long remembered. He told me how he had been a thief, hiding in the bushes and ambushing unsuspecting travelers. Then he was introduced to Jesus and his life changed. He turned from robbing to giving. As the director of the school he had opportunity to influence future pastors. He eventually became the General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Uganda. Today he is a well respected leader throughout the continent of Africa. In addition to leading over 4000 churches in Uganda, he is now the Executive Secretary of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Africa. On November 2nd, I met him for a 2nd time, when he was speaking at a Missions Conference in Edmonton. Our waists are a bit broader and hairlines a lot thinner. We’re both grandfathers now. Simon is still passionate about releasing the African Church to reach the over 300 Million unreached peoples of the continent, particularly in the Muslim and Arab north. I am still passionate about equipping the local church to touch the world for Christ. God has been good to both of us. I love my calling to serve the Lord in ministry. Its a privilege to be in association with such great men.

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