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5 PROFILES IN COURAGEThe following five stories of courage caught the attention and captured the hearts of our readers.

These profiles will give you a boost to continue on your own courage highway.

1. Adam Cripps: Bravest, Strongest, CourageousSlide1

Adam Cripps was an inspiration to anyone who met him. He faced four bouts with cancer over his brief 16 years. His aunt wrote, “With probably only weeks left of his short life, I only hope that I can somehow share his story to enough people to hopefully show them what we already know. Adam is an amazing young man and his life will be forever missed but he will live on in all of us and I can only hope that one day I’m as strong as he is.”

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2.PTSD and Me: Craig Silverson’s StorySlide1

I returned from Afghanistan in 2010 and everything appeared to be normal.

Connecting with family and loved ones was welcomed. Mission complete! I was now eager to begin my four and a half weeks of post deployment leave.

I had big plans. Number one on the list was not shaving!

Midway through my leave I grew restless and felt isolated. Although I was at home with my family, I felt alone. I was unable to connect and became anxious to return to duty.

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3. Let Go and Let God: Laurie’s StorySlide1

I grew up in a religious home and had good parents, but I was never sure where I fit or found acceptance.

When I was 12 years old I discovered alcohol, and instantly I felt like I was able to make friends and be the life of the party – I finally fit in.

I drank on and off for years, adding scars that would leave a permanent mark on me. I once read a banner that said, “When the pain of hanging on becomes greater than the fear of letting go…” I was hanging on to the awful things of my past, inflicting hurt on my family and myself because I felt and thought that I wasn’t worth anything.

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4. Brittney’s Story: Leukemia, Love and FaithSlide1

Brittney Tancowny’s life changed the day she was told she had leukemia.

The very sound was like a death knell.

Newly married…an aspiring career…dreams of a family.

What happened to her “happily ever after?”

Brittney says, “My story involves leukemia but its really about how God has been doing his work in my life and my family and friends’ lives.

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5. Divorced And Still in the Game: Wendy Connors’ StorySlide1

No one gets married with the intent to get a divorce.

I just happened to get hit with one of life’s curve balls.

It fooled me; I didn’t see it coming and I certainly wasn’t prepared.

The internal injuries were severe.

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