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He shared his personal encounter with depression and set the all-time, one day views record on Pointes of View. An attempt at writing with sarcasm, a five-year old and her family’s journey through an incurable affliction, as well as courage and marriage got the attention of readers in 2016.

They are worth a read again or for the first time.

Please let me know which one is your favorite for 2016.

The Top 5 Posts of 2016

#1. Depression: My Story by Brock Harrison

Heart pounds. Head spins. Muscles seize.

This isn’t going to get done.

Walk away. Lie down.

Have I lost it?

Will I get back?

What if I never do?

Brock Harrison touched a nerve when he shared his personal experience with depression. Not only was his story the most read in 2016, it was the most read post EVER at Pointes Of View.

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#2. The Controversial Rick Warren and Jesus

This was my first venture into using sarcasm. Sarcasm is a risky communication tool. I took the risk because I want to develop my writing ability.

I also want to be like Jesus, and He made good use of sarcasm.

Not every reader picked up on the sarcasm and not every reader agrees that Jesus used sarcasm to make a point. Thousands did read the post. What do you think?

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#3. Jordan’s Journey For A Cure

In January 2016 Jordan Gagnon was diagnosed with GAN (Giant Axonal Neuropathy). When Christa Gagnon first told me about Jordan I could hardly pronounce her diagnosis. Its a presently incurable, terminal affliction much like ALS in children.

There are only seventy known cases.

After a year of connecting with the Gagnons and praying for Jordan I can now write the words of her diagnosis from memory.

As of this posting Jordan has been accepted into experimental treatment in Bethesda, Maryland.

Read and pray more here…

#4. Four Ironic Characteristics About Courage

Courage is not what you have before you go into a tough situation, its what you gain going through it.

People of all ages and stages share a common desire to be more courageous.

I’ve discovered that courage is ironic.

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#5. 13 Things To Stop Doing To Your Marriage

Sometimes stopping something can become the start of something great!

Here are thirteen time-tested (from our 37 years of marriage) things that you may need to stop in order to start something fantastic in your marriage.

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APPLICATION: Thank you for reading Pointes of View and helping get the word out to others. Which of the Top 5 Posts was your favorite?

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