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Early Monday morning, January 9th, the top item on Google Trends hot searches was John 3 16. Why? Because Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Denver Broncos, passed for 316 yards in an overtime, NFL playoff upset of the Pittsburg Steelers,the day before. 316 is the number Tebow wrote on his eyeblack when he played in the NCAA. 3:16 is also the numbers on signs held up in football endzones across the nation for years. Tebow has been outspoken about “his Lord and Saviour” – the God who so loved the world, spoken of in John 3:16.
If nothing else, its got to bring a smile to your face to think about how so many millions of people are talking about Tebow or Christians or the Bible because of this. Good and bad kind of talk – but talking none the less.
God’s purposes will play out as they always do: not in the most obvious ways, but in the personal and private relationships behind the scenes. What God is doing in Tim’s life; in his teammates lives; in the lives of junior hi boys in Denver who go to church and have found a hero who is comfortable talking about Jesus. There is still SO much to this story.
On Saturday January 14th, after the Broncos play the Patriots in New England, whatever the final score is, Tebow’s life will go on, fulfilling his highest purpose – a follower of Jesus. NFL stands for “Not For Long.” Football comes to an end for all, but life goes on. Get in the game while you can. Be a part of the story this week.

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