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Andy Stanley hits the bullseye every time I hear him. His talk on self-leadership at Leadercast 2018 hit a little too close to home for me.

But that’s OK because every good leadership talk should start with “ouch” and end with “thank you.”

He suggests that you should “fire the liar” and he’s referring to no one else except…

26 Thoughts On Self-Leadership

1. The easiest person for me to deceive is the person in the mirror. You are a sucker for you.

2. You can’t lead yourself well as long as you’re lying to yourself. You can’t lead a liar.  Fire the liar.

3. I have participated in every bad decision I’ve ever made.

4. You have participated in every bad decision you have ever made.

5. You were the mastermind behind your greatest regret.

6. We face our greatest challenge every day when we look in the mirror.

7. You will not be a leader worth following if you don’t lead yourself well.

8. Leaders who are worth following are people who have mastered self-leadership.

9. Exceptional self-leadership is the key to sustained influence.

10. None of us open ourselves to leaders we don’t respect.

11. Exceptional self-leadership is the key to sustained influence.

Andy Stanley at North Pointe, Leadercast

12. Great leaders last because they lead themselves first.

13. I will not lie to myself even when the truth makes me feel bad about myself.

14. What’s worse than feeling bad about yourself is not doing something about what’s bad about yourself.

15. I will prioritize what I value most over what I want now.

16. Exceptional self-leaders lead themselves to what they value most, not what they want now.

17. I will not attempt to lead myself by myself.

18. Your greatest regrets were with friends. You were with people who supported your decisions.

19. Our friends determine the direction and quality of our life.

20. You don’t simply need friends with common interest. You need friends who share common values.  Self-leadership is value-driven.

21. The values a person embraces determines the direction of their life.

22. Opt for ultimate over immediate.

23. You may need to disconnect from a friend or two. Ultimate can be threatening to people who opt for immediate.

24. Direction, not intention, determines destination.

25. There is only one person who can determine where you end up on purpose – the person in the mirror.

26. The person in the mirror is counting on you. There are also smaller faces in smaller mirrors counting on you.

APPLICATION: What was your favorite quote? Which one made you say “ouch?” Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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  • Anita says:

    I really appreciated his take on leadership! Very challenging!

  • Anita says:

    I really appreciated his take on leadership! Very challenging!

  • adena lowry says:

    #14 made me say, “ouch”. Doing something about the problem is so much harder than simply complaining about it.

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